Sunday, January 14, 2007

You Would Be Well Advised To Axe Somebody

My momma's been in Thailand the past couple of weeks. She came home on Friday bearing a bunch of great pictures and some good stories. Here's my favorite of the latter, enhanced with a couple of the former.

It's the dead of winter in Thailand too, so in the mornings it was about as cold as it gets all year: sixty to seventy degrees Fahrenheit. All the Thai people wore wool hats and big sweaters, and nearly all the dogs had little sweaters on.

Now one morning my mom was out walking in Bangkok and she spied a dog tied up to a post, the only time she saw an unaccompanied dog tied up in the streets. What's more, it was a pug.

What's more, it was wearing a little sweater.

What's more, it's owner was apparently so worried that his or her little pugsly would get chilly that he or she had draped a piece of plastic over him to keep him warm.

When my mom walked by later that morning, the pug was sitting in the same place, almost in the exact same position. Someone, presumably the owner, had decided that is was warm enough and removed the insulating plastic, leaving the pug with only his stylish blue and red sweater for warmth.

Those Thai (Thailanders? Thaiese? Thainamen?): they sure know how to treat their dogs!



At 9:49 PM, January 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its simply Thai

At 10:54 PM, January 14, 2007, Blogger constant_k said...

I kind of like Thainamen

At 1:22 PM, January 15, 2007, Blogger matt said...


i will give you 5 bucks for otto.

At 3:21 PM, January 15, 2007, Blogger mayah said...

how about 500 for a puppy?

and that dog is really really cute, i bet mom hung out with him for a while, too.

At 8:00 PM, January 17, 2007, Blogger Kelsi said...

Does your mom work at CLC?


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