Saturday, October 27, 2007

Requiem For A Blog

Once upon a time,
so the legend goes,
there was a blog,
run by pros

Their posts were witty,
insightful and fun,
and what's more,
they posted a ton

Battles were fought,
blogs came and went,
but this blog endured,
'till it's time was spent

Now here my friends,
when all seems lost,
let's turn to some lines,
from my man Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

Truer words
were never spoke.
It's been fun,
but that's all, folks
damn that's trite

The End......or is it?


Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bloggedy Blog Blog Blog

People don't seem to be caring too much about the title, so I'll just list the three of mine that Kurt liked here (The Dirtmouth is just too Stevensonesque), and the contributors (me, kurt, bundy, tirth, cameron, Tom Day or kubas if they show up) can cast their ballots in the comment thread for this post.

1. Manly Mustaches, Redux--Ruggeder and More Unorthodox
2. Nuclear Balloon Arrows--Power To Burn
3. Hater's Ball--Hate: It's What We Do

The deadline for voting is Friday at midnight. Votes will be counted Saturday morning and the new blog will begin.

If I were ever to obtain this either of these classic 1984 Dune shirts, it would immediately become one of my most treasured possessions.

P.S.: Didn't Pristchet (sp?) have some weird connection to Like his brother-in-law ran it or somthing? Because I just realized that goats is a kind-of-a-big-deal webcomic (which I don't read), not just a t-shirt company.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a beginning to the end

It appears inevitable that this blog is going to die. So, we need to figure out a few things:
  1. Should we create a new blog, or just rename/revamp this one?
  2. What will the new blog's name be?
  3. Who will be on the new blog? Only former/current members of this blog, or should we introduce some new contributors?
  4. Do we want to keep the same web address to avoid confusion and keep my business cards current?
  5. Who is going to be in charge of setting up the new blog?
  6. Will the new blog continue to support the Bread Party?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dry Your Eyes

I've got troubles. Right here in River City. Troubles with a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for Blog.

Justin Bock's posts were getting to me.

But I guess they were keeping the blog moving.

Maybe I should have just left and let the blog become the Justin Bock show.

But no: if Bock wanted to have a blog, he could have had one. I didn't want that crap on this blog.

If we had to resort to Justin Bock to continue adding content, then the blog may have truly run its course.

Now I'm sitting here, thinking about putting the blog down and moving on.

There would be a new blog, with many of the same contributors and probably similar content, just without all the baggage of the ol' staches blog.

It would be a new beginning.

But it would be an end.



Okay Everybody

Bock is gone, Kubas is gone, and Bundy is gone. It's time to move on, get back to blogging and stop crying. That said, I've yet to do an official "college post" updating people on classes and life in general. So here it goes.

  • It rains a lot here. I've been keeping track for the last couple weeks, and it has rained seven times the last two weeks. Even when it isn't raining there are almost always standing puddles of water in the grass because the ground is waterlogged. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I bike everywhere so it is kind of inconvenient. Not only do I get soaked going to classes everyday (not a huge deal), but my brakes on my bike don't work when wet, making biking on the sides of the shitty streets here slightly dangerous.

  • So far, classes have been really easy. This is either because I had all of them in high school (Chemistry, Precalc, Economics, and a Health/Gym class), or just because UW-Superior isn't a very challenging school. I seriously haven't studied at all, other than doing assigned problems, and I got 100% or better on both my midterms so far.

  • The food here is delicious.

  • I managed to score a single room, it's fairly big because all the rooms are the same, a single just means I don't have to share it with anyone

  • People in my gym class are now calling me "The Janitor" because I wore my Manly Mustache shirt on the first day.

Let's all just move on. I would like our contributors who left to come back, but this blog started with four people and it can definitely continue to survive with four.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A caravan of goodbyes

What started out as a trivial ouster of whom some folks believed to be a lackluster blogger has now erupted into a caravan of goodbyes.

Josh Bundy tried to show some vague so-called attachment for me by invoking the fading Hopkins connection, but I am sorry Josh, that does not stir up my emotions as much.

I am wholeheartedly with Maxwell on this issue partly because he is the one reason I am on this blog, but mainly because I believe he is absolutely right in this case.The blog, and not Bock, occupies paramount importance.And who is Bock to claim that this blog is sinking like a ship anyway?Only because he left does not mean he has the license to make unjustified statements.
I don't believe this is a grown-up, mature way to react to criticism.

Andrew Kubas, I respected you during the time that I got to know you (mainly through speech), but forgive me if I do not approve of your departure. Bock may have been your friend, but I hardly think this is the right way to care for the blog.

So Maxwell, I hope you are with me on this.I am sincerely for keeping this blog alive.So what if I got to know you people only for a year?I am quite attached to this blog, and frankly this is one of the biggest entertainment in my life (apart from the blow-hard make-believe pundit Stephen Colbert).

Edit: I see you made a post before I could finish this one Max.
Let's keep this blog alive, Maxwell.



Can You Take Me Back Where I Came From

We got back our pop quizzes today in Highlights of Astronomy. They were 10 points and accounted for about 15% of our final grade.

Class average: 5.6
Max's score: 10


If our astronomy professor had tested us on our athletic ability, or our acting talent, I would have been outshone by many a classmate. Luckily for me, he tested us on astronomy knowledge instead.

This almost makes up for my (fully-deserved) B- on my first humanities paper, and my (predicted) B on my next one.

I am enjoying astronomy though. I'm certain I will enjoy knowing about the phases of the Moon for the rest of my life.


This shit is bananas

why? what the fuck is wrong with you guys?

max - you're better than that. i always thought the purpose of our blog was to show an eclectic mix of wierd ass shit from many different styles of people to entertain. bock entertained people. i love you buddy, but i think you meddled where you shouldn't have meddled.

bock - i'll be honest, i didn't find myself loving your posts. hell, i didn't even read the blog for a long ass time. but you posted, and CONTRIBUTED, so good job, man.

josh mattson - suck my balls. i don't even fucking know you, and i have no idea how you influenced max to hate on bock, but DO NOT come on our fucking blog saying condescending bullshit like "i was doing this blogging shit back when you all were in middle school and i know a lame blogger when i see one." bock was doing his best, so shut the fuck up. if you don't like what's on the blog, then don't look at it, and sure as hell don't make stupid-ass comments.

kubas - you aren't going to read this, but i understand why you left. that's legit, bock was a good friend of yours and it's bullshit that you had to see everyone being asses to him.

tom day - i love you, stay on the blog and contribute. thanks for being my friend - we'll play napa and golf this summer.

kurt - i love you too, buddy. keep up the good work. rock the 2pac chain and thank you for playing basketball with me. maybe again sometime.

tirth - i don't know you, but linda dockter told me that you kind of wanted to go to johns hopkins (or you applied, or whatever, i don't know), so i feel some kind of attachment to you.

so again i ask - why? i love you guys, it was awesome being friends with you the last couple years of high school. i loved playing basketball with you, and i still love the manly mustaches. but i think i'm going to make this my last post, and say goodbye to you all. this blog isn't really what i want to be a part of anymore. (i know i was barely a part of it (the blog) anyway, but i played on that fucking awesome team, and i love you guys)

peace out,
The Chef

At Times Like These...

We need mumbling Mexican Rappers

And Bread

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Jesus Christ

It was me.

Bock is an okay guy. I don't hate him. I just really dislike his blog posts. They were long and boring and not entertaining or clever. They made me not want to read the blog. That's a dealbreaker for me.

I didn't want to be an jerk about it and pull rank and stir up a huge public shitstorm, so I sent a message to Kubas, then to Bock, explaining that I didn't want to be on the blog if he was going to continue posting. I told him he could make the call. He chose to leave.

This decision was NOT influenced by Josh Mattson. He just happens to agree with me on this one particular topic.

That said: Fuck You, Justin Bock, for your high-handed final post. I'd rather have a few quality posts a week than three shitty, boring ones a day. This blog was here long before you and will continue on its course just the same as if you'd never been here.

Andrew Kubas, I'm sorry you saw the need to quit the blog, I assume in protest. You're a good blogger and a good friend.

Maybe I could have been more straightforward about it, but I acted for the good of the blog. I will not apologize for that.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taking the High Road

It has come to my attention, in a somewhat roundabout way, that my contributions to the Mustache blog have been unappreciated by a faction of the Mustache Nation, in fact quite the opposite of appreciated, and that if I don't leave, the consequences for this blog would be dire.

Some would say that I've done a nice little part to keep this thing afloat. And I appreciate you all. But I would rather not be the one to torpedo-bomb the damn thing and sink it by remaining. I must be content to watch from the sidelines. Rather I'll let it trudge along as it always had until it springs a leak and slowly sinks into oblivion.

I thought I wanted to be a part of a wonderful organization, but that organization isn't what it once was. I wanted to be a part of the glory days of the Mustaches. But really, those days are long gone and the purpose of this blog has shifted. The energy, the zeal, the wit of it, and the glue that held it together has been burned by the fury of a few. The fact of the matter is that though I may know most of the mustaches and would like to keep in touch with them, I only have a true friendship with one of them. The Manly Mustaches just aren't what they were, and what they have become is something I no longer want to be a part of.

Some have suggested that I begin my own blog. That's not going to happen. So if any of you do want updates from the place of your roots, you ought to know where to find me.

So, this is it, my farewell to the blog.