Monday, February 20, 2006

Mustache Stoppers? Or Show Mustaches?

Thanks to the Showstoppers' utter inability to take a joke and hypersensitivity to any and all comments regarding them, they're considering inviting the Mustaches to play a grudge match on May 20th. They already have an event planned out (see thier post below), but they might toss in the Mustaches game as an added ego-stroking bonus. I think it'd be a lot of fun, and some of the events sound pretty hardcore. Who's with me? Any conflicts?

Showstoppers All Star Weekend
After much debate, the idea has finally been settled, and there is now a plan for the official rematch of Team GPA and The Showstoppers. First off everyone check the calendars. The date is May 20th, a saturday. Everyone should be back from everywhere and so I'm thinking it should be a go. As for the actual event, well take a seat and let me tell you about it. About 2:00 is when the actual fun begins. This is when the Celebrity Game will take place. This game will be played on 8' 6" inch hoops or so. Each team will be able to sign a coach, of their choice, who will coach the team for this game. Also, each team may roster up to 3 "celebrity" players. They must be accepted by most, just in case someone tries to pull something crazy. This game will play two 15 minute halves. After this there will be a short half hour intermission. Then the place will get crazy, for this is when the three point shootout and slam dunk contest will take place. I figure they 3 point shootout will feature 8 or 12 shooters, who will face off in round one against each other, then the top scores will advance after that. The slam dunk contest will feature 6 if we can manage that. I can't think of who would enter except Kid C and The One, but I'm hoping that others will join. Judges will be selected before the contest, the judges will be unbias, to assure that the true dunk champion is chosen. Then after all that is done, the big game will go down. The Undisputed National Champions of the World, The Showstoppers, vs. Team GPA. I figure the Game will start about 5 - 5:30. We will play two 20 minute halves. May the best team win. This will go on at "the cage". For those of you that do not know what this is, it is the court over by the new church in the industrial park. I've spoken to most of my team and they all think this will work for them. It is sure to draw a large crowd, so what do you say? In or Out?



At 8:46 PM, February 20, 2006, Blogger The_Janitor said...

I'm In

At 9:33 PM, February 20, 2006, Blogger 3_the_hard_way said...

I am also in.

At 10:23 PM, February 20, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

I suggest a GPA-Showstopper-MM triangular.

That's just me.


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