Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long-Haired Freaky-Lookin' People

As the Manly Mustache era comes to a close, I am contemplating the change of the seasons. Winter melts into spring and a whole new world of possibilities comes into view. With that in mind, I think the time has come to change my hairstyle.

Before you all start rioting in the streets, hear me out. I think the fro kind of became attached to the whole Mustache image. When the Mustaches take their bow (sometime soon, after 3 on 3 I assume), I think it would be a fitting gesture to remove the fro. It'd be a new beginning of sorts. A fresh start for a fresh team!

I've sported the fro ever since my cousin Amelia inspired me to do so in the summer after sixth grade. I let my hair grow beyond it's prior mini-fro boundaries and was pleasantly surprised to find it naturally form, if you don't mind me saying, an excellent afro. It required periodic trimming to maintain its structural integrity, but it was very easy to keep up. And yes, I did have to use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. It quickly became my signature trait, appearance-wise, and helped me break the ice with several new friends sophomore year.

Don't panic, this would be by no means the end of the Kuehn hair legacy. I can always grow it back. In fact, that would make an interesting film, documenting the regrowth of the fro. I wonder how long it would take...

This feels like a defeat in some ways. I've been considering shaving the hair for a fundraiser for a while now, but no one's gotten their stuff together enough to raise the cash. Carmen tried last year, but Key Club was too busy being jerks, apparently. I guess I'll collect funds for the Red Cross or something, Andrew-Kubas style. No real goal or deadline, just a general desire for friendly cash.

Any thoughts on this matter? Length, style, ect? Am I crazy? Anybody want to organize a fundraiser wicked fast? Keep in mind that I may need to cut the hair for my work this summer anyways, and that I'd like to cut it before my sister leaves this Saturday.



At 10:38 PM, March 19, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

I just realized how far the site has become bilingual. Good job, Kubas. Rugged=Robusto!

Everyone go comment on the Italian's blog, okay? I'd hate to lose them.

At 11:03 PM, March 19, 2006, Blogger CoachDub said...

I'm all for it, Max, and not just because I have no hair. But I remember well the joy of surprising people with new hairstyles in high school.
Do not be defined by your haircut. If anyone objects, just tell them that you are more than the sum of your follicles.

At 11:49 PM, March 19, 2006, Blogger cameron said...

first of all, sorry about last year max. i really wish we could have done the fundraiser. second, uh, didn't kubas raise money for debate and not a charity? i mean, the word charity might have been used, but that fundraiser was even more sketch than the poker incident of '05.

oh, and sorry i can't help with ideas for the fundraiser, the time frame is just too small. but good luck!

At 11:49 PM, March 19, 2006, Blogger Tom said...

tecnically, he'd always have the same amount of follicles... unless he began to bald.

At 5:47 AM, March 20, 2006, Blogger CoachDub said...

You are more than the product of your follicles.

At 11:46 AM, March 20, 2006, Anonymous Amelia said...

cut the fro. I agree. you don't want to be known as that person who always has the same hairstyle.
Last year when I went from really long blonde hair to really short lesbo hair, I found that people didn't always recognize me. It was great, all the talks to be avoided. and if you do have to talk to someone you don't like, you have a conversation starter.

p.s. if you cut it for charity, I would recommend Clean Water Action, or Oxfam or NARAL.
not something like united way or salvation army that discriminates against gays

At 5:07 PM, March 20, 2006, Blogger keuber said...

maxwell, this is a definite must.

i will gladly donate an abraham lincoln to see you with short hair.

and for clarification: debate got money. locks of love got really sweet hair.

At 8:25 PM, March 20, 2006, Blogger Houley said...


It makes me sad to think the fro may be gone soon. (I expressed this sadness with the frowny face above.)

I hope you're not some 21st century Samson. The rest of the Death Eaters can't tell a white dwarf from a pulsar...

At 8:51 PM, March 20, 2006, Blogger royalewithcheese_ said...

I know it's well past saturday but i think you should just cut it down and give the hair to the locks of love and give up on making any money.


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