Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mustaches Tee … ON TOP OF A VOLCANO.

Hell yes.

(My very belated entry to the Spring Break Photo Contest — I didn't get the pics from my dad until now.) I smell

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At 8:12 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger Samwalkertron said...

Despite being in Hawai'i, it was actually quite cold on top of this 10,000 foot-high volcano (3000 meters) so you all should know what a sacrifice I was making standing outside in my Mustache Shirt.

At 8:26 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

Sam, were the award mine to give, I'd through in a mustache comb for utter Mustache Nation Annihilation.

At 8:27 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...


At 10:21 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger Josh said...


At 11:08 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger keuber said...


i forgot my sister's camera-holder/case thing in your van.

if you could bring it to school/graduation tomorrow that would be amazing. gracias.

At 12:49 PM, June 02, 2006, Blogger bundy said...

you do smell


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