Tuesday, January 02, 2007

things i learned over break.

the best breaks start with bad news.
the neon will be thumpin' for years to come.
boise state football is fun to watch.
nor rain nor sleet nor snow nor ice. nothing can stop the mailman.
the neon has sure had some fun adventures.
4th hour tomorrow will be killer.
i am an idiot.
a fun idiot.
i...i lost at battleship.
tahiti 80 brightens up the room.

things i may never understand:

i have an empty 12 pack box of strawberry fanta just sitting in my room. i'm in no rush to throw it away. i really like that.
i put up a picture frame by my window. it's just a rectangle with 4 sides. there's nothing inside of it. it's perfectly parallel with my eyes in the morning. each morning, i wake up to a new picture outside my window. it's probably perfect.

i will see most all of you tomorrow. until then,

mustache out!



At 10:23 PM, January 02, 2007, Blogger m_kummet said...

not true. death of presidents CAN stop the mailmen.

i prefer not to learn new things but DO new things. highlights were: playing the wii and sledding at BHS hill (both i have never done!)


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