Sunday, February 11, 2007

i was wondering when you would do it.

my back hurts.
my neck hurts.
my right arm is dead.

i have a basketball game in a little over an hour.

i pulled in late last night.

i have a pile of homework just sitting in my room. i really don't want to do it.

good news: i'm really looking forward to this entire week. each day of it.

so it turns out that the U of M accidentally sent out a number of waitlist letters...but they were supposed to be acceptance letters. (no one seems to have the correct number...i've heard anywhere from 70 people to almost 1000. hmmm) anyway, that was kind of a big oops. so everyone who accidentally received the wrong letter got a legitimate acceptance letter in the mail last week. (me.) and those who were actually waitlisted hear back in late march/early april. why am i not surprised at all that this type of thing would happen to a boy named kubas? i always have the worst luck with things like this.

my fridge is really empty. nothing to drink. nor eat. it's really boring.

ladies and gents: get ready for the party of the century! i believe us mustache men will be filming this epic adventure next sunday...until then,

mustache out!



At 5:41 PM, February 11, 2007, Blogger Rianna said...

Wow. This kind of thing only happens to you, Kubas. Well, I guess you and anywhere from 70-1000 people. But this and your partner getting colitis before the nats meet only happens to you. And that's why we love you. Because you're usually pretty interesting.


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