Tuesday, February 06, 2007

From The Office Of Josh Mattson

this is the cover for a magazine i am currently working to produce with sam and max. it is titled gumshoe, as you can see. it weighs in at a robust 21 pages. gumshoe is full of good stuff, including erotic power rangers fanfiction and sam's secret desires. unfortunately, producing a rag of this quality takes money. the production costs are estimated at about 1.25 per issue, not including the 50 cents it will cost to ship, not to mention the huge time investment to produce and ship it.

so, we are looking for people to subscribe to gumshoe. we like making this magazine, we just don't want to have to take a huge financial hit every time we print it. the subscriptions are $3 for three issues. a buck an issue. sent right to your dorm/apartment/house. 5 cents a page. erotic power rangers fanfiction does not come any cheaper than that, folks. we plan on printing 25 copies of our first issue, and about half of these are spoken for- 10 or so to various bookstores which have promised to buy them, and 3 or 4 to subscribers. so we are asking you to help fund us. to support us as friends and pick up and read our zine which we toiled over so you could have a chuckle or two and maybe a good cry afterward. please.

send your shipping information to joshua_mattson@hotmail.com, and then i will email you back telling you where to send the money. we will advance send you the issue so you don't have to wait around. issues will be published every 4-6 weeks, allow one week for shipping. if the copies are sold out we will publish back issues of gumshoe as pdfs.

thanks for your support!

josh mattson, editor-in-chief and publisher of gumshoe.

p.s. gumshoe is now hiring for a gossip columnist
p.p.s. gumshoe is also accepting freelance contributions in whatever you want.

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