Sunday, February 26, 2006

RIP, little buddy

Jan. 23, 2006-
Feb. 26, 2006

Today is a sad day for the mustache community. We have lost one of our brothers. Unfortunately, Rupert was, (for lack of better words) a rotten egg. From the looks of it, he died peacefully.

It's hard to believe that just last Tuesday he predicted a boys basketball victory...and now he's no longer with us to witness our amazing play tonight.

Gentlemen, let's win this one for Rupert!



At 2:23 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...


What happened? Was it those damn GPAers? I knew it!

The bad men punted Rupert!

I'm in a glass case of emotion!

At 2:52 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger The_Janitor said...

Did Rupert get off a final pick this week?

Who's he got? Us or them.

I say we have a memorial service at halftime this week.

At 2:59 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

At least he died happy. Or he was when this photo was taken, at least.

Kubas will have to read a short eulogy to this great embryo.

I'd say the smile is a pretty clear indicator of today's outcome. Or at least of how the stunt will turn out.

At 3:50 PM, February 26, 2006, Blogger royalewithcheese_ said...

I think that we should have a moment of silence or a 21 egg salute on tay's car.


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