Saturday, March 25, 2006

We Don't Want No Drama

Know what my last post was? Drama.
Know what this blog doesn't need? Drama.
I apologize.

On a more important note, yes, I did go through with it. I had planned to do it last night with some friends before a movie, but Cost-Cutters let me down. Open until nine, my ass.

This morning I realized that if I kept waiting to do it "right," I'd never do it at all. So on my way to the cities to drop off my sister for the train, we stopped at, that's right, Cost-Cutters. Because it was on the way and an appointment? An appointment? We don't need no stinkin' appointment! The same woman who turned me away at 8:43 last night fumblingly pointed me towards my "stylist," an emaciated little whisp of a woman who looked as though she'd have a tough time lifting a comb. She gestured limply towards an uncomfortable chair. I sat down and asked if my hair would qualify for Locks of Love. She took out what must have been a ruler comb and told me that no, my hair was a mere 8 inches, two shy of the 10'' minimum. Translation? Cost-Cutters didn't want to pay shipping. Oh well, too bad for the cancer children.

I got very medatative during the actual shaving process. I kept thinking about the shaving scenes in V for Vendetta. My stylist tried to keep things light (and lock up her tip) with clever remarks like "Are you feeling "light-headed?" Heh heh. You're funny. She didn't even rinse me out afterwards, so I had itchy little hairs going down my back all day.

I'll get pictures on here directly.

And to start a new feature:
I think each contributor should take a turn, one person per week, clicking on his interests in his profiles and finding someone who shares one of his interests and has an amazing profile. This is, after all, how we found Sir Alex (or he found us, I guess). Did you know that keuber and sir alex are the only people in all of the blogosphere who have an interest in osama bin laden? It's true.

Okay, I'll start. I share "Sly and the Family Stone" with this guy. Be sure to check out his blog.



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