Sunday, May 07, 2006

Midland City Masterpiece

$27 of Max's money later, here it is. I hereby declare it perfect in every way. If anybody disagrees, I'll sick Ariel on you. We still need to figure out how to get the silly title (The Temptation of Saint Anthony) on. Does anyone know where we could get one of those little brass museum label things? And Sam, figure out those quotes already. Hey, who wants to reimburse Max and get some credit for this work?

When commenting, recall that this was a group venture. All the good stuff was me; anything else was probably Sam. If anyone wants to visit it, it'll be in my room, bathing me in its pure art-ness. Remember, this is top secret for Lade; nobody spill the beans, capiche?
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At 10:38 PM, May 07, 2006, Blogger keuber said...


if i give you money can you train lade into learning my name?

WV: vzoqsx. god i'm cool.

At 10:39 PM, May 07, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

Dude, I mixed the paint to the exact shade you brought in, I gave you my employee discount, and a dollar. Plus, I'm just one of the all-around coolest people you know, so I should definitlely get some credit. It looks fantastic. We have a plastic engraver at Ace, or Troy's step-dad's got the trophy business, he might be able to hook us up.

At 10:45 PM, May 07, 2006, Blogger keuber said...


i have no idea what you just said,


(hey, that's my padre.)

At 7:59 PM, May 08, 2006, Blogger cameron said...

may i ask what the signifigance of the painting is?

At 9:35 PM, May 08, 2006, Blogger jobble said...

umm I could've made you something like that for 10$

At 10:15 PM, May 08, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

Except it would have sucked hardcore. This thing is professional, I'm telling you.

Carm, check sam's post for an explanation, straight out of our inspiration: Breakfast of Champions.

At 10:17 PM, May 08, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

carmen apparently hasn't read the last 2,305,863,406 posts, which dealt primarily with this subject.



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