Monday, July 03, 2006

Treasure Hunt

(This is mostly a response to Max's post, but itgot long enough that I decided to make it a full post instead of a comment.)

1. This hunt was intentionally structured linearly. ALL the clues were in the same sequence for everyone, with the exception of four which we thought would not work out with more than one group at a time (Hewitt, Brekkens, the one in the downspout by kixters, and the Water Treatment Center). We wanted the close contact with other teams as an added obstacle (requiring stealth) and as a source of motivation, because you can see how close the other teams are. We weren't sure whether this would be better or worse than having different orders for everyone, but we wanted to try it. In retrospect, I think the linearity is good, but perhaps in smaller doses (maybe a 50/50 split). Also, very few of the clues were intended to lead to twenty-thirty minutes of searching (with the exception of the four aformentioned divergent clues, which we did that way for exactly that reason). It is only due to unforseen cicumstances (the two Bus 110s and, um, whatever happened at First Lutheran) that any required that much time at the location.

2. Speaking of Brekkens: the clue was originally intended to be located under a Mannequins clothing. However, dispite evidence we had to the contrary, Brekkens seemed to be closed that morning when we went to plant it, and we (incorrectly) assumed that, as it wasn't open at 10:30, it wouldn't be opening all day, so we had to put the clue outside. It sucked that they opened, because everyone went inside and missed the note outside. Sorry, but it wasn't really our fault.

3. The ending was supposed to be better. However, acres of poison ivy had grown in between the time when I scouted the location and the actual day of the hunt, so after going down to plant the box (which actually ened up being a few minutes after Slytherin got there, because we had to turn around to replace the missing clues at 1st Lutheran which turned out to not actually be missing) we had to immediately leave so Mattson could take ashower due to his near-deathly allergic reaction to poison ivy. Sorry about that too.

4. I don't know what the "half-hour check-ins" were that you're talking about, but I remember no such thing. And honestly, we wouldn't have had time for any such thing. We were pretty much busy the entire time running around checking on supposedly (and one actually) missing clues and doing some last-minute preparation. Admittedly, I guess the time we spent filling up balloons for the personalised water-balloon strikes could have been devoted to this, but I think water balloons were better.

In conclusion: I guess everyone had a good time, but honestly doing it just made me (and JM) feel like absolute shit. We spent an incredible amount of time planning and preparing this, and then on the day of the only contact we had with people was calls from them yelling at us for screwing shit up. After how miuch time we spent, it just seemed like everyone was ungrateful (I realise this was probably not the case, but it's just how it seemed to us). I really enjoyed planning the clues (and planting them was fun too), but executing it was just such an unenjoyable time for us. I would really like to plan another one (and we still have a lot of really great ideas that didn't get used in this one due to time constraints and other circumstances) but if the experience of running it would be the same, I just don't really think I want to.

(EDIT: After reading some people's responses to it, I can see that they really did enjoy it, and I guess I don't feel so bad about it now.)

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At 2:27 PM, July 03, 2006, Blogger Josh said...

yeah. people definately enjoyed it but in terms of time/money lost, was it really worth it? for me, the treasure hunt only really worked as a cool mental exercise. next time im only going to do a couple clues and let someone else take the shit.

At 4:36 PM, July 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i absolutely had fun. seriously. it was exciting and i thank you guys for all of the work you put into it.

At 5:05 PM, July 03, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

Sam, last time we did half hour checks on every team to check their progress. This provided ample opportunity to see how the race was shaping up and allowed for some good post hunt analysis.

And the phone calls: Were you expecting people to call you up and thank you in the middle of the hunt? In general, I think people didn't want to contact you in the middle of the hunt; they only did so when they were really stuck or frustrated, which happened a lot to Ravenclaw, unfortunately. Also, you could have had constructive contact with people if you really wanted to; that's what we did last time with the tag clue and a few other meetings. Instead, you fellas organized water balloon ambushes. I mean, that was a great touch, but if you really wanted to talk to people you could have done it.

And when the hunt is all in order (linear), it breaks some of the magic of the hunt: finding a clue all by yourself, figuring it out, and getting to the next clue all without any outside interference. While it was fun to see the other teams sometimes, when we saw them we had to stop having fun solving the clue and worry about the other team and not revealing the clue to them. And how stealthy can you really be at 3 in the afternoon in a wide open public space?

I'm not sure how your prep and administration made you feel so shitty, but I had a great time last time when I was helping run it. All the laughs, the skulking around after teams, speculating about who might win... I think josh was just in a shitty mood and it rubbed off on you, and you had no pammy along to cheer you up. Or maybe you just have a better time as a participant.

At 7:36 PM, July 03, 2006, Blogger Samwalkertron said...

Were you expecting people to call you up and thank you in the middle of the hunt?

I'm not a fucking idiot max. I'm not saying that was expected, I'm just saying that the (inevitable) reality of the situation mad for an unenjoyable experience

At 12:06 AM, July 04, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

I'm not calling you an idiot, Touchy McCaustic.

Sam, you really should drop some of the whining. It's only cute when mattson does it.

WV:hispoop. His poop! POOP! HAHAHAHHAHAHA


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