Sunday, August 06, 2006

my name is _____ and i have a(n) _____ problem

today pelkey, fred midge, and myself all ventured off into the mysterious land known as an "indian reservation."

"Behold!" declared Frederick. "It seems to be some kind of building!"

The famished Pelkey pondered, "I wonder if I can empty my bag here...Kubas, you are clearly the most attractive, intelligent, and muscular man here...What do you think?"

"Well," began Kubas, "How hard can it be to win?"

[10 minutes later]

Pelkey: "Man, I lost $10. AND 10 lbs. Can I rub your muscles?"

Fred: "Well, I'm down $23. Pelk, can I empty your bag?"

Kubas: "I lost my entire life savings. Do you have a quarter I can borrow?"


If you have the time, please watch this Perham Video. It's not only informational, but it SCREAMS "kuuuubbaaaaaass..." I want to go right now.

For more information regarding the city, allow me to direct you to their website.

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At 10:40 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger The_Janitor said...

We should go golfing in Perham


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