Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Quick One While He's Away

Man, why didn't I go on this damn road trip?

I don't know what I was thinking. I could have afforded it easily enough, my mom would have been fine with it, and work could have dealt with a 10 day absence. What's more, the American West is one of my favorite places to travel through. Yellowstone and Glacier? Damn damn damn.

I realize that after 10 days with Sam, Tay, and Josh I may have regretted tagging along, and camping can get tiresome after four or five days, but this is the sort of thing for which one recieves a LIFE card in "The Game Of Life." You know, "Climbed Everest" or "Wrote a Book" or "Invented a New Ice Cream Flavor," that sort of thing.

That said: I need something to occupy myself for a while here. Matt Capelle, let's make that 5th treasure hunt. What's your email address? Call me to tell me, I guess. I'd hate to be responsible for your email becoming a favorite among identity thieves.

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At 1:40 AM, August 04, 2006, Blogger Hillstorm said...

I wish I was just getting into montana with everyone on the roadtrip. damn, damn, damn


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