Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"where can we go from here?"

i have nothing to do right now. quite literally...nothing.

so i've decided to make a fun game. i'm going to attempt to see

a.) how far i can "travel," and
b.) how many different countries i can tour by just clicking a link on our blog.
(basically, i click a link...then look at that blog and find another link...so forth/so on) must be on blogspot! we'll see how far i can get in...20 clicks.

for your understanding...i will provide you with my step-by-step "clickage."

Start: http://www.staches.blogspot.com/ [USA]
Click: http://thishukriedeblog.blogspot.com/ ("Kid C")
Click: http://coachdub.blogspot.com/ ("J. Wesley")
Click: http://lyricallycinematic.blogspot.com/ ("Lyrically Cinematic-Sarah")
Click: http://fortyfoursunsets.blogspot.com/ ("Fresh Elaine")
Click: http://sllschalupa.blogspot.com/ ("..chalupa..")
Click: http://www.tacohunt.blogspot.com/ ("Taco Hunt")
Click: http://oishiieats.blogspot.com/ ("~Oishii~")
Click: http://brandoesq.blogspot.com/ ("KUIDAORE") [Singapore]
Click: http://www.nami-nami.blogspot.com/ ("Nami Nami") [Scotland]
Click: http://annesfood.blogspot.com/ ("Anne's Food") [Sweden]
Click: http://domesticcat.blogspot.com/ ("Domestic Cat") [Greece]
Click: http://aladilek.blogspot.com/ ("a la Dilek") [Switzerland]
Click: http://dilekce.blogspot.com/ ("DILEK'CE / turkish-auf Turkisch")
Click: http://birtutambaharat.blogspot.com/ ("Bir Tutam Baharat ()") [Turkey]
Click: http://www.sutlukahve.blogspot.com/ ("Sutlu Kahve") [Denmark]
Click: http://hanifedentarifler.blogspot.com/ ("Hanife'den tarifler") [Canada]
Click: http://zeytindali.blogspot.com/ ("Zeytindali")
Click: http://rusticfood.blogspot.com/ ("Rustic") [England]
Click: http://porcinichronicles.blogspot.com/ ("porcini chronicles") [Italy]

And there you have it. In 20 clicks...I "toured" 11 countries, traveled thousands of miles...and...ironically...ended up in (of all places) milano, italy!

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At 1:41 AM, August 02, 2006, Blogger CoachDub said...

Well done, Andrew. An excellent use of blog time.
I may steal it when I cannot think of anything to blog about.


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