Sunday, September 03, 2006

such wisdom

Well, sadly I've been away from the blogosphere for these last few days. By the time I finally returned...I realized that all of you college folk (should) be gone by now. So...with the assistance of the BRILLIANT David Letterman, I thought he could help you if your new roomate(s) get out of line. (This also helps Maxwell and myself weed out the competition for our band roomy)

Top Ten Signs Your New College Roommate is Nuts

10. Walks around campus wearing nothing but a spiral notebook

9. He orders Big Macs with extra condoms

8. Whenever you put up a college pennant, he takes it down and eats it

7. Keeps reminiscing about the time he was married to Larry King for a semester

6. His personal web site:

5. He keeps cutting the eyes out of your Hanson poster

4. Claims to be majoring in something called "gettin' some"

3. His GPA's lower than his blood alcohol level

2. He says he wants to sleep on top, but you don't have bunk beds

1. Has his S.A.T. scores tattooed on his forehead

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