Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What You Want...Me To Freak This?

Now before Kid C has a chance to flip out at me for stealing more IHOB material, allow me to explain:

In the past week I've added two artists to my music library--Lupe Fiasco with Food and Liquor, and Will Smith with Willienium and Big Willy Style.

The enjoyment derived from each (measured in kPm (kilo-puppie minutes)--the amount of enjoyment derived from spending 1 minute with 1000 puppies) is as follows:
Lupe Fiasco--2 kPm
Will Smith--18 kPm

What can I say, Big Willy's just got the rhymes and the flow and the beats, and he keeps such a positive attitude! Don't you just love how he keeps his lyrics clean so everybody can listen without feeling uncomfortable?
Seriously though, my favorite tracks as of right now (I'm about half-way through each album):

I'm Comin (this has ISAMF soundtrack written all over it)

Will 2K (A rap song with "Rock the Casbah" as the beat, PLUS the line "the new millenium--wait, excuse me: Willenium"? No contest.)

Candy (If you thought you had enough candy brand-name based rap lyrics in your life, you need to hear this song.)

Freakin' It (Probably my favorite as of right now (the rap mags call me soft; yeah, try MICROSOFT), although I have high hopes for a track called "Uuhhh")

Graduation Speech Update:
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At 10:35 PM, October 10, 2006, Blogger Kid C said...

You JUST added Will Smith to your library? What took so long?

PS: Lupe!!

At 5:24 PM, October 11, 2006, Blogger Amelia said...

will smith was manney's least favorite artist.


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