Wednesday, November 22, 2006

voices in my head...saying yes and no...

today after school (after jazz band and going to the bank) i went to the Y to play basketball.

upon closing my locker and turning around...who else should i run into...

except for the one and only mr. folkeringa. he gave me a VERY awkward double-take, and then in his typical fashion (towards me at least) he looked down at the ground, made eye contact with me, looked at the ground again and said, "hi."

i did the male "head-nod" thing and was like "hey" but by the time the words came out he was well on his way to the members-only portion of the locker room.

fun times!

for those of you who haven't heard: over christmas break, i will be hosting a "POST-PELKEY-POOPING-PARTY." (in celebration of pelk-master-flex getting rid of his bag) think that you're not invited? YOU ARE! the only real requirement is that you have said at LEAST one word to pelk and/or have touched his muscles. i've developed a creative list of fun/entertaining things to do (centered around a bag/poop theme) but i'm guessing it'll be more of a thing for us high school folk to get to visit/see you college folk. (and...i think the schedules pelkey still might have his bag, but that'll be all the more fun!)

in other news, itunes is selling "the very best of supertramp" for $6.99. who could possibly pass that up?

i wish all of you the best over these next few days. i hope you get to spend quality time with friends/family/food/football. enjoy yourselves!

mustache out!



At 2:08 PM, November 23, 2006, Blogger Kelsi said...

That party will be the shit.


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