Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pentultimate Showdown

Unusually large day yesterday.

First, big KB regions at CLC-Staples Campus. This was my, ahem, fourth trip to CLC-Staples for regions (and, if I'm not mistaken, my fourth regional championship victory), and while I would not want to attend that particular college, I bear no ill will to those for whom it is an excellent option. Some other members of my team, however, seemed to absolutely hate the place. Like, "Man, if I could I'd burn this place down" kinda hatin'.
The way I see it, it pretty much boils down to this:
Pros: pool table, big TV playing nothing but soaps in the cafeteria, good fries, robots
cons: cold burgers, homely student body

In conclusion, let's burn this mutha down.

But anyways, about the knowledge bowling: I had a pretty good time. For being so competitive, I seem to really dislike competition and pressure in KB. There were a couple of teams that gave us a little bit of trouble, but we eventually prevailed by about 15 points or so. There were several answers on this day that were of the satisfying "I learned this precisely for KB" variety; the sort of information which is utterly useless in any other pursuit, but which comes up ususually often in the sport of kings.

Here is a brief list for future KBers of America:

-There was a big union in post-soviet Poland called solidarity.

-If a question starts "an excess of dinoflaggelates..." the correct answer is "red tide."

-The phylum names for segmented worms, roundworms, and flatworms are annelida, nematoda, and platyhelmenthes, respectively (the last one, the most ostentatious of the three, was the one I got to answer yesterday. Goood times.)

-Bonus for Ranger Rick fans: geckos are the only lizard with a voice, and the most common sap sucking insects are aphids.

In any case, Metallica and Stalinistic Democrats (Tirth and Dens' team) are going to State, where we will get our asses handed to us. I plan to have fun nonetheless, hopefully by womping on Dens and Tirth (and possibly Sam, if he's not above it) in Halo. Really the highlight of the weekend for me will be standing up at the banquet (this year's menu: green beans and stuffed pork chops, probably) when they say "Is anyone here for the FOURTH time?" There'd better not be anyone to steal the spotlight from me in my brief shining moment, or I will be sorely disappointed.

Secondly yesterday, I had a band concert, which, for being on a Monday and me being gone for that day's practice and Kubas not having had band since Wednesday, and the both of us being sick, went unusually well for all parties. We played some sweet songs, did really well on them, I hit my solo (it wasn't very noticible, but I know I did it), and I had an excellent piece of peanut butter silk pie at Perkins afterwards.

P.S.: Saturday was so glorious I broke out the new tennis racket and played against the wall at Gregory for an hour, then went for a bike ride. Sunday I felt a little under the weather but went for a long walk with my mom anyways, and Monday and Tuesday I felt sick. This whole Max exercises=Max gets sick equation is gonna have to get broke pretty quick here or tennis could be even more disasterous than usual.

P.P.S.: The theme for this year's battle of the bands will be "Prophecy." The motto will be "This Was Meant To Be," and the logo should be a hawk clutching a guitar in its talons.

P.P.P.S.: Advice from John Blong today--If you ever have anyone biting your knee, like latched on, all you gotta do is grip the back of their head, put your palm up on the soft cartilidge of their nose, and push up and back and forth to make them open up their jaws. Just don't try to pull your leg away, because whatever is in the biter's mouth will be ripped off.

Jesus Christ Blong tells some inappropriate stories.

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At 10:07 PM, March 14, 2007, Blogger mayah said...

yeah we definitely got the biting/jaw/latching/tearing advice as well. wtf blong, where do you come up with this? my favorite stories are his pig factory ones, just imagining him up to his waist in pigblood makes me laugh a little, with the pure masculine energy that scene carries.

At 9:24 PM, March 15, 2007, Blogger Shelty said...

Yep... We're gonna die at state. But we will take someone else down with us. I don't care who. Maybe Little Falls.


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