Thursday, August 09, 2007


Greetings from India, folks!
It has been raining a lot here, and a couple of days ago, the temp. was around 37 degrees Celsius (my brains are too fried out to convert that to F) with about 100% humidity.

Anyway, here are a few things that have been leasing my mindspace right now:

1.Before I left the U.S. on July 30, I attended a three-day orientation gig at UCLA, The Chosen One for the fall.Well, on the very first day, our O.C. (Orientation counselor) divided our group of ten into pairs and instructed us to "break the ice" by finding out something that both persons had in common.In ten minutes.After the stipulated time was over, Mr OC went around our sophisticated oval formation asking each pair the question of the day: Tell us something that you found in common with your partner.Well he reaches this pair consisting of a girl, whom we shall refer to as S., and a boy, whom we shall refer to as W.Follow on the conversation that ensued:

Mr OC: OK, W. what did you found in common with S.?
(The crowd (that's the rest of us) leans in to catch the vital answer)
W.:Well, I found out that both of us have lived in Paris at some point of our lives
(The crowd silently oohs and aahs)
Mr OC:That's something, W.! Now S. what did you find in common with W.?
(The crowd performs its ritual)
S.:One thing that I have in common with W. is [pay close attention now, folks] that we both have watched a live open heart surgery.
(The crowd faints at this stunning piece of information)

But I tell you, folks.Bonds like these are hard to break.They last a lifetime...

2.Bulgarian classes.That's right.Here I am, lazily browsing the internet, opening my email account at UCLA, and ZAP!, I find an email that sincerely entices me to sign up for Bulgarian classes that are being offered in tandem by UC Berkeley and UCLA.Go figure...

3.Cricket.India is currently touring (that's what they call it in cricket lingo) England and is slated to play three test matches (the ones that Maxwell erroneously surmised last seven days) and seven one-day matches (I think the name speaks for itself).Well, today is that auspicious day when the third and final test match starts on the Oval Ground (quite a venerable and historic cricket stadium in England)If India wins this one, it will win the test series.22 years after it performed this feat in England for the first time.Chance of a lifetime, eh?

Seems like that's all.
So then, as my good friend Ed Murrow said: Good night, and good luck!

P.S. 9 out of 10 Americans are officially fed up by the monkey-business of Paris, Nicole, Britney and Lindsay.If I were not out of the country, the statistic would've been 10 out of 10.


At 9:30 AM, August 09, 2007, Blogger constant_k said...

Man that "something in common" game has an easy out for any two heterosexual males--

HM1: Well, I kind of have a thing for Asians.
HM2: Hey, me too!

At 9:30 AM, August 09, 2007, Blogger constant_k said...

Hey Tirth, Gumshoe 4 is out and I need to know where to send it. Do you have your UCLA dorm assignment yet?

At 2:37 AM, August 10, 2007, Blogger PanzerV said...

i do have my dorm address but they wont take any mail before sep 21
so right now you can mail it to my house in brainerd
i will email my dorm address later


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