Saturday, September 08, 2007

Preludes & Nocturnes

As I prepare to drop "off the grid" until Tuesday the 18th of September, I think I oughta drop a word to the mustache faithful first.

Dear Mustache Nation:

I'm sorry. I've been neglecting the old blog as of late, and that's....that's just not fair to you. I think you deserve better.

I've been trying to justify my behavior, saying "Oh, I need to get ready for college" and "Ugh, I work so much I don't have time to blog" and "Mwah, I'd rather play with pug puppies than keep my friends updated on the details of my day to day life." Fuck that noise.

I hereby promise to be a better blogger, posting whenever I have a funny experience or a weird dream or a near-fatal injury or a triumph of wit or just a good pun. I promise to do this thing right, to bring back to the good old days, the glory days, the high hearty halcyon days of yore.

Starting next Wednesday.


Yours sincerely,
Constant K



At 7:58 PM, September 09, 2007, Blogger CoachDub said...

Good luck, Max, and perhaps I will see you on the Illinois side.

At 10:01 PM, September 10, 2007, Blogger Bockmed said...

Awww, Max. How I will miss you......................... 're gigantic fro.

At 10:44 AM, September 12, 2007, Blogger Koreann said...

or an angry resignation letter for volunteer groups or a thought of how awesome object mergers are of fros and plants or awesomely awesome reminiscent thoughts of Koreann. . .


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