Monday, August 07, 2006

I Am The Bunny That Jumps The Highest And Runs The Fastest

Oh man, I'm bored tonight. I'm down to reading a book about murder and intrigue on the Princeton campus and listening to Nuclear Balloon Arrows. SNORE.

I'm searching for the positives here. The book doesn't offer much (despite the critic's claim on the back cover that "if Scott Fitzgerald, Umberto Eco, and Dan Brown teamed up to write a novel, the result would be The Rule of Four,") the music is holding up better than expected. Particularily good are our final NBA work, Granted, and the spin-off Cafe Coranaries album, done entirely by Kurt and myself in character as Chet Stevenson, Glen Belgum, Bob Brakke, and Tim Edinger in the fictional band we created for them before their teaching careers.

I like to think that we took the normal humor that all students find in their teachers' personalities and blew it up into something far more noteworthy, silly , and kind of creepy. 6 albums (plus our Greatest Hits), over 120 songs, 3.7 hours of audio, and at least 12 minutes of quality material are nothing to scoff at. We did quite a bit with just Sound Recorder, my meager selection of instruments, and an unusually focused interest in our teachers, Chet in particular.

Hell, we even made a fine kung-fu film featuring Chet as our dastardly, scene-stealing villian. The sequel (sequal?) has been sidetracked by changing motivations and lost footage, but I hope to see it completed, perhaps before the summer is ended. Kurt, what's happening with all that?

Anyone who wants to see the first movie, or hear some of our more solid tracks, slap yourself around a little bit. If you still feel driven to see/hear it, talk to me.

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At 1:23 PM, August 08, 2006, Blogger Amelia said...

i've seen the first half of i shall avenge my father.
so hook me up with a dvd!

reading the names glen belgum and bob brakke really brought me back. good times. good times.

At 10:54 PM, August 08, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

I'm IN the sequel, but I have yet to see the first.

At 10:48 AM, August 11, 2006, Blogger royalewithcheese_ said...

I need a copy of the first one once i get back max

At 9:35 PM, August 13, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

i want to consume as much of this media as i can


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