Monday, October 30, 2006

Takes My Breath Away

So Toolmaster of Brainerd didn't even make the ballot, so barring some populist uprising, it won't be the class song. My problem: what do I do now? Not just about the song, but about changing the graduation status quo in general.

I suppose I have two options: keep fighting, or drop it.

Right now I'm leaning towards drop it. I worked at it, but it didn't work; maybe it's time to just stop caring about it and move on. Graduation has always been lame, and will be so forever. The song will be a drum-heavy rock song about love, the speeches will be preachy and earnest and boring, and that's okay. High school graduation is nothing special, and I'll have plenty of time and opportunities to do fun and interesting things later in life. When you don't care about something it doesn't hurt as bad.

But of course, that's not what I really want to do. I want this shit to be extraordinary. I want it to be silly and absurd and funny and totally awesome. And you know what? It probably won't be. But I'd regret it something terrible if I didn't even try.

Part of me is saying that I've tried enough, but I think I still have a chance to make a difference, and I know I have the energy. The only question is, how? Logan's gonna do his own lame speech (no offense Logan, but it will be lame. No matter how cool or interesting a BHS class speaker is, they're graduation speech will be boring), the song's gonna be fucking CARTEL, and the general atmosphere is gonna be YAWNFEST.

Sadly, legitimate avenues of change are closing rapidly, so I'll probably be tempted to plan some sort of prank. If I can't have the graduation I want, no one will! But besides being selfish, that plan has a very good chance of not working, or hurting someone, or getting me in trouble.

I suppose I can just try to raise a bit more of a ruckus about the class song thing. Apparently, Stenglein, Heise, and Rusk were the rejecters for Toolmaster, and Stenglein said something about how the songs were judged to be "appropirate for school" and "singable," something I would consider Toolmaster to be. Ted Leo's "Me and Mia"? Not so much.

I smell a conspiracy here. This looks like a job for an investigative reporter; now, where could I find one of those?



At 11:34 PM, October 30, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

As much as I was ready for a boring ceremony (read: Scholarship Awards Night), graduation ended up being one of the more memorable events I've ever attended... I look back on some of the pictures taken that day and I'm struck dumb... I don't know what it was exactly, but something that I almost passed off as being nonsensical and not worth my time and effort became truly memorable.

At 10:04 AM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Pelk said...

I knew you would fail.

The class song needs to be "singable," hmmm... why would they make that a requirement this year?

At 10:12 AM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Josh said...

nobody at bhs could sing me and mia.

also, graduation sucked. i read the idiot through most of it. except the speeches.

At 12:55 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger jobble said...

why are people doing lame speeches. seriously. what purpose does that serve? do they want their classmates to sleep through their speech?

At 2:55 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

sleep through my speech Josiah?

man it was raining. and the choir shell collapsed on that kid. graduation was sweet.

At 5:31 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger jimaal said...

mayas speech was so effing awesome and liberal i loved it hardcore plz and our grad ceremony will forever be remembered as the best ever in the world because it really was awesome

secondly, you HAVE to get a likeable song no doi, NO DOI. NO DOI. that will appeal to EVERYBODY. or well, most everybody. i mean no doi, please. try to get "changes" by david bowie even though most of you grad class don't know who he is, at least the song is catchy. that's how "tonight tonight" by the smashing pumpkins got to be our song, it's LIKEABLE seeeeeee???

At 6:17 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Pelk said...

kids, don't do drugs

At 6:49 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger hannah said...

personally, i think the highlight of 2004's graduation was ashley and boos.

2004! shit man! that was so long ago!

i'm telling you man, coolio would have won. fucking COOLIO. NOBODY WOULD HAVE WENT AGAINST IT.

At 7:36 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger keuber said...

oh pelkey.

i miss you in that heterosexual-life-partner kind of way.

At 8:38 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Shelty said...

There definitely aren't any investigative reporters at the FSJ...You might want to try importing one.

At 9:36 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

No one could sing "Me and Mia"? How about Cam the Man?

At 10:37 PM, October 31, 2006, Blogger Kelsi said...

"Me and Mia" needs a very flamboyant voice to sing it.

Maybe you'll fit the bill, Cameron.

At 10:48 AM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Josh said...

me and mia needs someone with an impressive set of pipes.

cameron, post audition tapes of you singing it

At 10:40 PM, November 01, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

EXCELLENT. I'll record it on my iPod.


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