Tuesday, May 01, 2007

calling all mustaches.

i am in need of a red tie similar to the giant oval surrounding janet reno.

the picture has a bit of a shadow on it, so a few shades lighter would be ideal.

i am looking to either borrow and/or purchase this tie. i am rich.

or, if you would prefer, any suggestions as to where i can buy a tie of this color would be greatly appreciated.

keep in mind i have tried all of the local shops/stores/merchants and have found no success. many mustache blessings to the loyal and faithful crowd!



At 8:23 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Samwalkertron said...


it is called a lei.

At 8:23 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger sherlock said...

where does your heart tell you?

At 9:03 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Rianna said...

Alright, I'll be the girl to comment first. While I do not have a red tie, I do know that the farther you go south, the more likely you are to find a tie. There is an entire shop dedicated to ties at the Mall of America, but I don't know how much time you have. The St. Cloud Mall has a much bigger JC Penney, and a few different suit shops. Good luck!

At 10:26 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Pelk said...

no one cares, Sam

Mall of America is just 20 minutes away from the U if you take the light rail. When do you need it?

At 10:28 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger Houley said...

that's devotion

At 10:44 PM, May 01, 2007, Blogger constant_k said...

Well I have a red tie.

But sam's right. That's more of a lei. Or a feather boa.

I can't help you there.

At 3:38 PM, May 02, 2007, Blogger kummet said...

well i think i actually know what he's going to use it for which makes it even funnier that the word lei was mentioned. (hint)

at first i would say your money would be better spent on shoes, but at least you have dress shoes. im pretty sure jared g. has one. erins dress was red. then you'll have more money for shoes. i'm sorry kubas, but your not going to win them at the casino.

At 9:30 PM, May 02, 2007, Blogger Houley said...


i was on blogger and one of the "blogs of interest" was toting a Mustache-a-Thon. Naturally, I thought it was yours, and was surprised that you'd received such widespread recognition. However, clicking on the link, I found something quite pleasant and unexpected:



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