Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some say it's a crawlspace

Recently, I was raped by Ap Bio. Let's look back at the series of events leading up to said abuse.
First day of school- learn that the objectives and vocab of the first three chapters are due fri. the 14th
flash forward to thursday night-get back from cross-country meet at 8:30, proceed to work on Bio that I put off until that night for the next 3 hours.
Friday morning-get hosed on the quiz

In other news:
1)Hewitt still isn't an asshole
2)Thursday's meet went well. Although it was cold I ran a personal best... by a minute and 18 seconds. Such a drop was made possible by having our first two meets at two of the hilliest courses in the state. By the way, our varsity is dominant. For sure gonna win state.
3)Last night's game was dece. Then fans were great, the play was mediocre, and the band mostly sucked. But nonetheless, our Warriors beat Rocori 24-18.
4)I've heard talk of a committee of students/administrators/werewolves planning to revise our logo (the good ol' flyin' B) and possibly create a mascott. More on that in the future.
5)Cross-country is sadistic. Yesterday was a long-awaited 'Activity Day.' For those of you who are wondering 'activity' is well-know to mean "running in disguise." We were hoping for soccer. Instead, roll the dice 3 times to pick destinations around town to run to. woohoo!
6)Halverson is still figuring out how to teach AP economics. Our class is down from18 to now 9 or 10 students.

Quote of the Day:
Catherine Lepel: "How can you do that?"
Rich Berggren: "Magic. Seven years at Hogwarts mostly...."


p.s. I still don't understand "Labels for this post:"



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