Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The North Pole (pun intended)

Josh Johnson is at it again, but this time it is someone different. Someone recognized by sex offenders/young teens/Jake Beckerleg, someone who takes protein supplements to satisfy his customers, someone who makes a living off of his famous tiro de dinero. Josh Johnson's obsessions of Chet, Mark the Janitor, and Mr. H have all come to a sudden pause to make way for his newest love...

Peter North.

You can find Josh Johnson adding all of North's films into a sentence at some of the most inappropriate times. He has even gone as far as creating a Peter North film festival called, "A Trip to the North Country," showcasing what Josh has deemed "his 5 greatest films."

So I send warnings. If Johnson ever asks you. have you ever been to the North Pole? please do not answer. This may encourage him to talk to you, if this happens say "look over there, it's Chet," kick him in the balls/punch him in the face and run as far away as you can, because if you don't, he will for sure give you the pervertible "North Pole."

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At 7:00 PM, April 18, 2006, Blogger Kid C said...

Okay, that's a little f***ed up.

At 9:58 PM, April 18, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

i'm thoroughly confused, not only by the run-on sentence at the end of the post, but also by the rest of the post as well.

At 10:33 PM, April 18, 2006, Blogger keuber said...

i think the moral of the story:

stay away from johnson.

does that help at all, houley?

At 7:05 AM, April 19, 2006, Blogger 3_the_hard_way said...

Yes, keep at least a 500 feet between you and him at all times.

At 10:35 PM, April 19, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

i'll do what i can. thanks for the warning.


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