Tuesday, September 12, 2006


god i hate school.

it's not like the work is HARD...it's just that the teachers give out SO MUCH CRAP. the whole year it's been get home at 5, do homework until 8, eat supper, do more homework, go to bed. i don't like this.

good thing: bobby k is back at BHS. he's so much fun to watch.
good thing #2: marching band tomorrow!
good thing #3: gas=$2.32

bad thing: apparently no one wants the BHS symphonic band to perform at carnegie hall. ooohhh, (sorry max i HAVE to bring it up again) my heart has crumbled. and shrunk. and died. they contacted mr. melby (we didn't call them!!!!) and asked if we would be willing to perform at carnegie. but...alas...no.

seriously, ever since i heard this news today i've just been in a bad mood. someone brighten up my life.

and max...you realize that (with sam leaving) you're now contributing 91% of the posts versus 90%...correct? tom day/bundy haven't exactly been the "yeast to our bread," and kurt and i are just the flour. you=all the doughy goodness. and that's a lot. so please don't yell at us.

i'm going to eat.

mustache out!

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At 7:47 PM, September 12, 2006, Blogger jennifer said...


At 8:28 PM, September 12, 2006, Blogger The_Janitor said...

I'm so sick of drawing graphs

At 9:31 PM, September 12, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

Sorry I overreacted kubas. I just don't like seeing this blog sit idle for too long. I guess we all fell into a rut at the same time and I hate it when that happens on a group blog.

Carnigie would have been unbelieveably sweet, but it's gone now, so let's push for Washington DC, that'd be pretty neat.

At 11:12 PM, September 12, 2006, Blogger Kelsi said...

Instead of Detroit, Chamber O. could have gone to New York and performed with the Symphony in their amazing music hall...alas, dying motor city here we come.

Kubas, didn't running around with a camera at the end of the school day brighten your mood?

At 10:35 AM, September 13, 2006, Blogger Elfie said...

What?! Are we insane? Why would we say no to Carnegie Hall????!!!!!

At 6:56 PM, September 13, 2006, Blogger Rianna said...

I think an explaination may be in order...

At 7:39 PM, September 13, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

guys, you're just making kubas angrier.


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