Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...much like Khalid, the sword of Allah

For those of you who care, the titles of this and my last post make up one of the more memorable quotes from one of my former managers, Craig.

Also, I'd like to thank the folks at the Daily Show for revealing this little gem to the world.

At dinner this evening, the fine folks at KSTP news were doing a piece about the importance of early detection of cancer, in particular; colon cancer. One man they interviewed said this about colonoscopies, "It feels good, having the procedure done...."
I laughed.

Yesterday, I made the decision to drop band second semester and I've narrowed replacement courses down to:
1)team sports
3)AP Psych
4)AP Stats (I'd have to start it independently to catch up by then)

And finally, tomorrow is my last cross-country race. Yes. I'm looking forward to getting in the weight room.


p.s. Most of the criticisms of Tay's writing come from Hewitt and our class' discussion of it regarding rhetorical effectiveness of the letter.



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