Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dirty Mexicans

So, many a time, I have succumbed to the thought, "why don't I skip the hassle and apply to just the U, I'll probably end up going there anyway, right?"
Now has been another one of those times. After nearly completing the easy-as-pie U application, I began working on the common app which I can use for all the other schools I'm applying to. And it's just so much more than the U asked me to put out. (yes, put out, as in, like a ho) You (sorry, ONE) would think that with a name like the common app, it would be you know, common and pretty simple (what's this writing sample crap?). And I have to do supplements to it too!?!?!

I quit.

Keep up the good work Mustaches.



At 11:47 AM, October 12, 2007, Blogger Josh said...

don't apply to the u

At 6:01 PM, October 12, 2007, Blogger Kara said...

My two cents; do some serious soul searching before you apply. Don't change your mind when it's too late to apply somewhere else, as I did.

Also remember, every rejection letter will take a small part of your soul. I only received one, and I didn't really want to go there anyway, but it does take away a little part of you.

Am I happy at the U? Yes. Could I be happier somewhere else? I don't know.

That's the question that bugs me.

At 12:00 AM, October 15, 2007, Blogger Jason said...

hey man college is what you make it. it's all about attitude, don't worry about the statistics or numbers.


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