Friday, October 12, 2007

All alone

I just realized, that this blog gets roughly 100 hits in a day. That's impressive, depressing and kind of interesting. I think that says something about today's society, which is also impressive, depressing and kind of interesting. That's my 1 cent worth. I can't afford two cents at the moment.
And then it hit me, why is there a Mustache blog? Because of the most impressive basketball team in Brainerd history, that's why. I think that in the absence of Mustache basketball, a great void has been left... a great big void.
I would like to attempt a resurrection of the Manly Mustaches moniker and philosophy of play in intramural basketball here at Brainerd High.


Keep up the good work Nation



At 1:54 AM, October 13, 2007, Blogger The_Janitor said...

If you are going to bring back the Mustaches you need to get shirts made, and you need to play with more style than substance. That said, you should definatly bring the team back for their second season.


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