Monday, October 01, 2007

Living in the Moment

Earlier this evening I did what Mr. Devine would call "be[ing] high school". That is, I went to coronation. More like KoreAnn-ation.
The world's favorite little Asian, KoreAnn Martin, (isn't that kinda redundant "little Asian") played 2 songs solo and piano accompaniment for Mr. Turner Johnson. She was pretty much an all-star and recieved a standing ovation. My favorite part of her performance was the line in her first song (which she wrote in 8 minutes last night) "intense like... like camping".
Anyway, the honorable Mrs. Rusk continually pointed out how nervous the royalty was. I'm pretty sure they didn't really give a shit. So after the introductions of the candidates and some cute pictures King Turner and Queen Jess(ica Bye) were crowned. Wooo! For the most part the guys were studly and the girls pretty and it was all such a classic and heart-warming event... with no real significance.

Item two on the agenda: I have actually started to feel better. I can breath through my nose again. Also, I got new running shoes which were long overdue. And they feel good to run in... which would be the expected outcome of getting new shoes.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in. Why? Because of the annual CLC college fair. As there is only going to be one school there worth applying to (for me anyway) I will show up at the last minute, sign in, blah de blah. and it'll be good. Speaking of colleges. I think I'm going to apply to Stanford, the U of M, Northwestern, Wash. U, and either Yale or Brown.

I have a story. I'm fairly positive (or am I normative?) that Econ is the must entertaining hour of the day. We never do anything of merit and it's just loaded with good times.... kinda. Well not really but there are always quotable moments thanks to the venerable Brita Springstead. Today she went on to tell the entire class of her experiences with pee, more than likely with mr. Halverson listening. There was one about her trying to pee in a bottle on a bus and basically missing... all over, and on a sandwhich bag which she proceeded to eat out of. Also, she spoke of the time she drank a big gulp of piss at a party. You know, one would think that the moment it touched your tongue you would spit it out, realizing it isn't Apple juice (beer). But no, she had to ask "Why does this taste warm and salty?"
Which, Mustache Nation, is your Quote of the Day.



At 10:43 PM, October 01, 2007, Blogger royalewithcheese_ said...

I've seen that happen at a party once back in the day... they never realize what they're drinking when people are chanting "chug".


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