Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am a Man-Wolf

Today during dinner in in the cafeteria I witnessed what was probably the most hilarious conversation I've ever heard. Two tables down from me there was a pair of strange, Dungeons and Dragons type kids. Typically, any conversation they have is quite amusing, a couple of days ago they were discussing wizards, but today it was extra entertaining. For 20 minutes, from the time I sat down until I left, they talked about werewolves.

I learned a great deal about werewolves during their conversation, for example:
  • "300 pounds is nothing for a werewolf, he could pick up this table and throw it, like, 500 feet."
  • "Werewolves can't just breathe fire, they need a special wolf potion"
  • "If a women was like 5'4", as a werewolf she would be like 9 feet tall."

That's all the of quotes I remember, I really wish I had brought a notebook and pencil with me to write down more, especially when they started to talk about what a werewolf would do if he played football.

And now a dog related youtube clip WAY cooler than Max's pugly puppy clip.



At 1:07 PM, September 30, 2007, Blogger constant_k said...

Whoa kurt.

Rip on me if you must.

But the pugs? C'mon

At 8:25 PM, September 30, 2007, Blogger PanzerV said...

The pugs are more precious than you Maxwell?

At 10:58 PM, September 30, 2007, Blogger The_Janitor said...

It is my DUTY to hate on pugs, somebody has got to do it.


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