Sunday, April 23, 2006


well i just got back from watching the spring play. simply fantastic! padre! estoy muy orgulloso de tu!

the highlights of the night: cameron's first appearance. rising from amidst a pile of sheets/blankets/cloud to partake in the dance of the century. quite amazing!

highlight number 2: adam pelkey. all 100% of him. sure, i didn't go up to the stage and give him my rose, he was so amazing i didn't have to. did you see his ripped arms? i wanted to give him the "debate love embrace" but i figured it would be too awkward. i can imagine it would have looked something like this:

my lowlight of the night: (no offense) mr. derby, you need to learn how to properly enunciate "dirka dirka." i will gladly give you lessons if you're planning to travel to the middle east in the near future.

excellent performance all around. congratulations to all!

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At 5:38 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger Johnny V said...

Pelkey smelled horrible.

At 5:38 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger fayna said...

keuber, are you on line? let's talk about beside school in msn! venga, que yo te espero!

At 5:40 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger fayna said...

hi johnny v, what a coincidence

5:38 it's the Time, with capital T.
After "Bread Party" and "American Party", I officially propose a "5:38 Party"

At 7:15 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger constant_k said...

Kubas, how can you be afraid of insulting derby? I told him to leave a comment on an earlier post and he neglected to do so.

Therefore, we can attack him with impunity. Go on, hack away!

I missed the 5:38 party--Damn! Oh well, there's always tommorow...

At 8:29 PM, April 23, 2006, Anonymous Thoroughly Modern Millie said...

that's so weird.
I was in debate with Adam Pelkey for a couple of years and I don't recall him ever speaking.

has anyone called vp to derby's fan club yet?

At 8:34 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger Sherlock said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the performance. The dance thing was of my own creation. I'm sure highlight #3 would've been when I called the birds.

Adam IS amazing.

We struck most of the set today, and I got to keep my costume, including my helmet of power. Huzzah! I'll have to wear it to school.

At 8:35 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger keuber said...

dear amelia,

pelkey has changed. for the better. seriously.

the man is just funny.

At 10:00 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger Johnny V said...

I was here for the 5:38 party... Yay.

At 10:02 PM, April 23, 2006, Blogger Houley said...

I enjoyed the dance too, Cameron. It was unexpected and humorous.

At 12:56 PM, April 24, 2006, Blogger Amelia said...

Glad to hear it.
It's been a while since my time @ BHS


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