Friday, September 21, 2007


it looks as though the mustache blog is (temporarily) back up-and-running.

in roughly two hours i will be reunited with my long lost arby's companion and buddy. this = excitement.

for those of you outside of the twin cities, you might not be familiar with the hub. it's basically an illegal person-to-person file sharing network...but i don't think it's possible to get caught/in trouble. in other words...most everyone has the hub at the U.

it took quite awhile for freshmen to be put into the system...and only two days ago i finally found my light at the end of the tunnel: i was IN.

since that time frame....less than 48 hours later....i have already downloaded 656 songs. and those are just the audio files.

i have a number of simpsons episodes...nearly all of prison break...i just can't get enough. it's my new crack.

so now that my neck is itching and you are (mostly) caught up with my life, i must go find more music to enjoy.

mustache out!


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