Monday, September 24, 2007

Your Mom and I Sold Your Soul to the Devil

I'm trying to avoid writing a letter to the editor for Lang.
Flashback to Friday.... Oh what a day! For those of you who don't know, I visited the U of M on Friday. I was quite impressed with the U for the most part, except for how much money they've given me. I'd be quite displeased if I didn't get a lot more once I actually apply. After a fruitfull visit I proceeded up to Muslim Magic's dorm room, where we waited for two fine young ladies before departing to Middlebrook, which is where we met up with Mick and several other Brainerd folk/new friends. (man that was a runon sentence) From there we went down to a nice little bar. Being an 18+ party presented an issue. Young Kubas came up with the great idea that they pay with their student ID's while I 'forget' mine. So we get to the door, and Ahmed pays. The suspense builds. Two more pay. It's my turn.
I hand the lady a $20
guy: "Do you have your student ID?"
me: "Oh shit, I forgot it."
guy: "Do you have another form of ID?"
me: "No, not with me."
guy: "Where do you go to school?"
me. "...."
guy: "Quick now."
me: "Uh, St. Cloud State."
guy: "Good enough for me."
The lady makes change and marks my hand. Let's listen to some ska.
So after some 'we're your #x fans' and a 'will you dedicate a song to me?" the music began. The first band was pretty awesome, and the really good trombone player gave a shot out to his number 1 fan in the yellow (Kubas). At about the middle of the second act my enthusiasm died, and I began to take in my surroundings. For one thing the emo kid:happy kid ratio was way too high. Also, throughout the duration of the show, there was an emo couple that couldn't have been older than 15 involved with heavy foreplay that generally grossed out myself and those around me. And what would a liberal-saturated concert be without a gay couple holding each other close/making out literally an inch behind young Shannon Kummet. From there the night wound down with some Arby's and King of the Hill. Oh yeah, and I proceeded to feel sicker and sicker, my nose running like a faucet.
Saturday: Depart the U at 8, proceed to sleep all afternoon and lounge about all night.

So, basically, I think I'll not be wanting to go to school tomorrow, and I may use some of my freetime to look up symbols to apply to my tattoo design. For those naysayers who are sure to arise, Mr. Kubas is not why I want a tattoo. I have wanted to get a tat for a few years now. My good friend just gave me the inspiration to seriously consider actually going through with it in about maybe a year... or so.



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