Saturday, October 27, 2007

Requiem For A Blog

Once upon a time,
so the legend goes,
there was a blog,
run by pros

Their posts were witty,
insightful and fun,
and what's more,
they posted a ton

Battles were fought,
blogs came and went,
but this blog endured,
'till it's time was spent

Now here my friends,
when all seems lost,
let's turn to some lines,
from my man Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

Truer words
were never spoke.
It's been fun,
but that's all, folks
damn that's trite

The End......or is it?


Friday, October 26, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bloggedy Blog Blog Blog

People don't seem to be caring too much about the title, so I'll just list the three of mine that Kurt liked here (The Dirtmouth is just too Stevensonesque), and the contributors (me, kurt, bundy, tirth, cameron, Tom Day or kubas if they show up) can cast their ballots in the comment thread for this post.

1. Manly Mustaches, Redux--Ruggeder and More Unorthodox
2. Nuclear Balloon Arrows--Power To Burn
3. Hater's Ball--Hate: It's What We Do

The deadline for voting is Friday at midnight. Votes will be counted Saturday morning and the new blog will begin.

If I were ever to obtain this either of these classic 1984 Dune shirts, it would immediately become one of my most treasured possessions.

P.S.: Didn't Pristchet (sp?) have some weird connection to Like his brother-in-law ran it or somthing? Because I just realized that goats is a kind-of-a-big-deal webcomic (which I don't read), not just a t-shirt company.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

a beginning to the end

It appears inevitable that this blog is going to die. So, we need to figure out a few things:
  1. Should we create a new blog, or just rename/revamp this one?
  2. What will the new blog's name be?
  3. Who will be on the new blog? Only former/current members of this blog, or should we introduce some new contributors?
  4. Do we want to keep the same web address to avoid confusion and keep my business cards current?
  5. Who is going to be in charge of setting up the new blog?
  6. Will the new blog continue to support the Bread Party?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Dry Your Eyes

I've got troubles. Right here in River City. Troubles with a capital T and that rhymes with B and that stands for Blog.

Justin Bock's posts were getting to me.

But I guess they were keeping the blog moving.

Maybe I should have just left and let the blog become the Justin Bock show.

But no: if Bock wanted to have a blog, he could have had one. I didn't want that crap on this blog.

If we had to resort to Justin Bock to continue adding content, then the blog may have truly run its course.

Now I'm sitting here, thinking about putting the blog down and moving on.

There would be a new blog, with many of the same contributors and probably similar content, just without all the baggage of the ol' staches blog.

It would be a new beginning.

But it would be an end.



Okay Everybody

Bock is gone, Kubas is gone, and Bundy is gone. It's time to move on, get back to blogging and stop crying. That said, I've yet to do an official "college post" updating people on classes and life in general. So here it goes.

  • It rains a lot here. I've been keeping track for the last couple weeks, and it has rained seven times the last two weeks. Even when it isn't raining there are almost always standing puddles of water in the grass because the ground is waterlogged. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I bike everywhere so it is kind of inconvenient. Not only do I get soaked going to classes everyday (not a huge deal), but my brakes on my bike don't work when wet, making biking on the sides of the shitty streets here slightly dangerous.

  • So far, classes have been really easy. This is either because I had all of them in high school (Chemistry, Precalc, Economics, and a Health/Gym class), or just because UW-Superior isn't a very challenging school. I seriously haven't studied at all, other than doing assigned problems, and I got 100% or better on both my midterms so far.

  • The food here is delicious.

  • I managed to score a single room, it's fairly big because all the rooms are the same, a single just means I don't have to share it with anyone

  • People in my gym class are now calling me "The Janitor" because I wore my Manly Mustache shirt on the first day.

Let's all just move on. I would like our contributors who left to come back, but this blog started with four people and it can definitely continue to survive with four.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A caravan of goodbyes

What started out as a trivial ouster of whom some folks believed to be a lackluster blogger has now erupted into a caravan of goodbyes.

Josh Bundy tried to show some vague so-called attachment for me by invoking the fading Hopkins connection, but I am sorry Josh, that does not stir up my emotions as much.

I am wholeheartedly with Maxwell on this issue partly because he is the one reason I am on this blog, but mainly because I believe he is absolutely right in this case.The blog, and not Bock, occupies paramount importance.And who is Bock to claim that this blog is sinking like a ship anyway?Only because he left does not mean he has the license to make unjustified statements.
I don't believe this is a grown-up, mature way to react to criticism.

Andrew Kubas, I respected you during the time that I got to know you (mainly through speech), but forgive me if I do not approve of your departure. Bock may have been your friend, but I hardly think this is the right way to care for the blog.

So Maxwell, I hope you are with me on this.I am sincerely for keeping this blog alive.So what if I got to know you people only for a year?I am quite attached to this blog, and frankly this is one of the biggest entertainment in my life (apart from the blow-hard make-believe pundit Stephen Colbert).

Edit: I see you made a post before I could finish this one Max.
Let's keep this blog alive, Maxwell.



Can You Take Me Back Where I Came From

We got back our pop quizzes today in Highlights of Astronomy. They were 10 points and accounted for about 15% of our final grade.

Class average: 5.6
Max's score: 10


If our astronomy professor had tested us on our athletic ability, or our acting talent, I would have been outshone by many a classmate. Luckily for me, he tested us on astronomy knowledge instead.

This almost makes up for my (fully-deserved) B- on my first humanities paper, and my (predicted) B on my next one.

I am enjoying astronomy though. I'm certain I will enjoy knowing about the phases of the Moon for the rest of my life.


This shit is bananas

why? what the fuck is wrong with you guys?

max - you're better than that. i always thought the purpose of our blog was to show an eclectic mix of wierd ass shit from many different styles of people to entertain. bock entertained people. i love you buddy, but i think you meddled where you shouldn't have meddled.

bock - i'll be honest, i didn't find myself loving your posts. hell, i didn't even read the blog for a long ass time. but you posted, and CONTRIBUTED, so good job, man.

josh mattson - suck my balls. i don't even fucking know you, and i have no idea how you influenced max to hate on bock, but DO NOT come on our fucking blog saying condescending bullshit like "i was doing this blogging shit back when you all were in middle school and i know a lame blogger when i see one." bock was doing his best, so shut the fuck up. if you don't like what's on the blog, then don't look at it, and sure as hell don't make stupid-ass comments.

kubas - you aren't going to read this, but i understand why you left. that's legit, bock was a good friend of yours and it's bullshit that you had to see everyone being asses to him.

tom day - i love you, stay on the blog and contribute. thanks for being my friend - we'll play napa and golf this summer.

kurt - i love you too, buddy. keep up the good work. rock the 2pac chain and thank you for playing basketball with me. maybe again sometime.

tirth - i don't know you, but linda dockter told me that you kind of wanted to go to johns hopkins (or you applied, or whatever, i don't know), so i feel some kind of attachment to you.

so again i ask - why? i love you guys, it was awesome being friends with you the last couple years of high school. i loved playing basketball with you, and i still love the manly mustaches. but i think i'm going to make this my last post, and say goodbye to you all. this blog isn't really what i want to be a part of anymore. (i know i was barely a part of it (the blog) anyway, but i played on that fucking awesome team, and i love you guys)

peace out,
The Chef

At Times Like These...

We need mumbling Mexican Rappers

And Bread

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Jesus Christ

It was me.

Bock is an okay guy. I don't hate him. I just really dislike his blog posts. They were long and boring and not entertaining or clever. They made me not want to read the blog. That's a dealbreaker for me.

I didn't want to be an jerk about it and pull rank and stir up a huge public shitstorm, so I sent a message to Kubas, then to Bock, explaining that I didn't want to be on the blog if he was going to continue posting. I told him he could make the call. He chose to leave.

This decision was NOT influenced by Josh Mattson. He just happens to agree with me on this one particular topic.

That said: Fuck You, Justin Bock, for your high-handed final post. I'd rather have a few quality posts a week than three shitty, boring ones a day. This blog was here long before you and will continue on its course just the same as if you'd never been here.

Andrew Kubas, I'm sorry you saw the need to quit the blog, I assume in protest. You're a good blogger and a good friend.

Maybe I could have been more straightforward about it, but I acted for the good of the blog. I will not apologize for that.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taking the High Road

It has come to my attention, in a somewhat roundabout way, that my contributions to the Mustache blog have been unappreciated by a faction of the Mustache Nation, in fact quite the opposite of appreciated, and that if I don't leave, the consequences for this blog would be dire.

Some would say that I've done a nice little part to keep this thing afloat. And I appreciate you all. But I would rather not be the one to torpedo-bomb the damn thing and sink it by remaining. I must be content to watch from the sidelines. Rather I'll let it trudge along as it always had until it springs a leak and slowly sinks into oblivion.

I thought I wanted to be a part of a wonderful organization, but that organization isn't what it once was. I wanted to be a part of the glory days of the Mustaches. But really, those days are long gone and the purpose of this blog has shifted. The energy, the zeal, the wit of it, and the glue that held it together has been burned by the fury of a few. The fact of the matter is that though I may know most of the mustaches and would like to keep in touch with them, I only have a true friendship with one of them. The Manly Mustaches just aren't what they were, and what they have become is something I no longer want to be a part of.

Some have suggested that I begin my own blog. That's not going to happen. So if any of you do want updates from the place of your roots, you ought to know where to find me.

So, this is it, my farewell to the blog.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"I'm quaking in my boots..."

Here is to this amazing (and probably unique) youtube video...

The battle of the titans: professor vs. preacher

And now for some information:

The professor in question is the honorable Eric R. Scerri, professor of Chemistry at the UCLA department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.It seems that he is some sort of an expert on the science of periodic tables, considering he has written a whole book on them, which is used as a textbook for one of his classes (my roommate is taking his class).

Prof.Scerri was educated in England, and he is definitely not lying when he says (in the video), "I teach logic [self-censored]".

According to my roommate, he majored in logic and chemistry. Very aggressive combination, apparently.


Turn This Big Motherfucker Left

I use one piece of notebook paper for my to-do list for two days and this is what I end up with.

There's more on the back. Ridiculous.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Blog Of Many Persons

Five items today. In the future, I will try to have more on-topic posts, more times per week. No promises.

1. Today I purchased 5 postcards for $1.40. I'd been on the lookout for a less expensive means of keeping my friends "posted" (ha! ha!) about goings on around the big NU, and I think these could be the answer. Plus, they're blank except for the postage so I can print out custom designs on 'em to give 'em that personal touch that so much correspondence lacks these days.

Possible designs:
-Me giving a thumbs up.
-Bikini Babes
-Bikini Babes giving a thumbs up
-Solid black (for maximum ink-wastage)
-Manly, the Manly Mustache
-More writing (silly, I know)

When I think of postcards, I think of Brokeback Mountain, where Heath Ledger (man, that's a great name) gets the letter from Jack and replies with a postcard that just says "You Bet" on it.

2. Over the past few days I've been burning through the database over at Achewood, a comic strip on the Internet about some animals. It's now my all-time favorite webcomic. I highly encourage you to check it out.

Josh Mattson, I once made fun of you for wanting to spend $150 on the complete Achewood collection in several fine bound volumes. I still think it's a ridiculous price, but I think I understand where you're coming from now.

3. So I looked through some Manly Mustaches Blog archives earlier today (because I just have too much time and needed some way to waste it) and found that all the old posts, created long before beta blogger came around and tacked on these "labels" for each post, have been automatically assigned two labels: "billions and billions" and "bread." I am going to go ahead and assume that this is for alphabetical reasons. Coincidentally, these labels describe the content of the posts pretty well.

Memories from the archives: the word "troffle" and Chacarron.

4. Tommy update: as a reminder, Tommy is the bleach blond piece of shit in my seminar who likes to talk about "paradigms" and "dichotomy." Today he wore a shirt that said "The Name's Duge, Duge Hick." Also, he wrote a note to a bro that said simply "Tequila and skinny dipping."

Maybe he'll get hit by a train one of these days.

5. I want to dress up for Halloween, but the problem of a costume is probably going to fall by the wayside. Like every kid in North America, I wish I had the dough/gumption/technical know-how to buy/build myself a Daft Punk robot helmet for Halloween. Tragically, I don't have $14,000 (or is it $65,000? Does it really make a difference?) and a year to burn. I actually did buy a motorcycle helmet at a garage sale this summer, so constructing such a helmet (or a crude facsimile of such a helmet) could be a fun project. But for this year, things are looking doubtful.

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Oh Yoko!

Man has it been awhile since I've posted... anyways its good to see that someone is keeping the blog afloat. A well formulated post full of everything needed on the Mustache blog: some wit, a cup full of urine, and a little Tay bashing. Brings us back to the good 'ol days, the all or nothing days. The days when the basketball team was losing and our international relationships were blossoming.

What happened to those days?

Back then the pictures of gaybos and videos of chacaronne would leave us in stitches. Max's daily entries would incite us on the life of a genius and Kubi's would let us know how is bowels were doing after a ten round bout with Taco Bell. Or how about Sam Walker being a douchebag and taking all our posting privileges away. (OK maybe that wasn't part of the good times but memorable nonetheless)

Has college taken our Mustache pride away? Maybe the secret to success of a great blog was the fact that we were all in highschool. Naive to the fact of the outer world we could formulate our organization as the world's dominating force in entertainment. Not until we left highschool did we lose our cunning, witty style. Perhaps our saving grace is this lowly "minor-leaguer" Bockmed. I think its possible...

So for the sake of the blog, humanity, and Max's puppies leave the kid alone. Not everyone has to be a pretentious asshole to be cool.

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...much like Khalid, the sword of Allah

For those of you who care, the titles of this and my last post make up one of the more memorable quotes from one of my former managers, Craig.

Also, I'd like to thank the folks at the Daily Show for revealing this little gem to the world.

At dinner this evening, the fine folks at KSTP news were doing a piece about the importance of early detection of cancer, in particular; colon cancer. One man they interviewed said this about colonoscopies, "It feels good, having the procedure done...."
I laughed.

Yesterday, I made the decision to drop band second semester and I've narrowed replacement courses down to:
1)team sports
3)AP Psych
4)AP Stats (I'd have to start it independently to catch up by then)

And finally, tomorrow is my last cross-country race. Yes. I'm looking forward to getting in the weight room.


p.s. Most of the criticisms of Tay's writing come from Hewitt and our class' discussion of it regarding rhetorical effectiveness of the letter.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Vengeance Shall Be Swift....

Thus far in our AP Lang class, the majority of our work has been on rhetorical analysis. And of course with the referendum debate raging within libraries near you, and in the opinion section of our very own Dispatch, what better material to analyze than the arguments of locals (and not so locals) writing into the Brainerd Daily?
Just a quick update--- If this referendum doesn't pass, the District will make sweeping cuts (all junior high athletics, APs, several fine arts programs, etc...), and so far it's not looking too good. Whether it passes or fails, it'll be close.
But, whose work should we take a look at today? None other than Tay Stevenson. The following is a word-for-word copy of Tay's work:
Blame will yield no solution

The cup has been laid before us to fill. This is not a challenge of our choosing, but it is a challenge nonetheless. Tests like this - no matter the scale - have been leveled against generation after generation. Each time, the task has been put to them to understand their adversity and overcome it. What we have learned is that more understanding is required of us and an even greater effort is required of us. And that understanding is hard, because we do not grasp why the cup we seek to fill always seems empty.We see this empty cup and we are filled with rage, casting about for someone or something to blame. But blame will yield no solution to our test. We can blame the administration and we can blame the teachers. We can blame the passage of the bond and we can blame the failure of the state. But blame will not fund our school. Blame will only create more problems for us, and we have enough of those. What we need are answers, and only we can supply them.We kneel now in the olive garden of our time and ask that the cup be passed from our hands. We ask this because we do not know why we must shoulder this burden. We ask because we are on a fixed income and money is tight. We ask because we are old and retired. We ask because we are young and uninterested. We ask because we have no children and fail to see the relevance. But the true measure of a generation is not their ability to rise to a challenge when they have a proprietary stake in its outcome, but rather when they have no such stake and rise nevertheless.

Tay Stevenson


Kinda melodramatic. And "the olive garden of our time"? Are we proposing marriage at a chain restaurant?
How do you view the 'cup'?

Half full of your urine?


Half empty with your urine?

I'm sorry, but this is all that came to mind when Tay started his cup metaphor.
Overall, not a bad bit of writing. Full of ethos and pathos, but not very effective.

On a side note, I have a game of battleship set up. +20 points for a hit.


p.s. I think a worthy lifetime goal would be to become a jelly-bean connoisseur.
p.p.s. One app. down... let's say roughly 2 to go.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Burn, Crackle, Pop

I was really bored, so I made this music video to pass the time. It's the hit song by the Nuclear Ballon Arrows, Fire. It was completed in about fifteen minutes so it's really bad, but I think all the fans of The Nuclear Balloon Arrows out there will appreciate it.


Friday, October 12, 2007

All alone

I just realized, that this blog gets roughly 100 hits in a day. That's impressive, depressing and kind of interesting. I think that says something about today's society, which is also impressive, depressing and kind of interesting. That's my 1 cent worth. I can't afford two cents at the moment.
And then it hit me, why is there a Mustache blog? Because of the most impressive basketball team in Brainerd history, that's why. I think that in the absence of Mustache basketball, a great void has been left... a great big void.
I would like to attempt a resurrection of the Manly Mustaches moniker and philosophy of play in intramural basketball here at Brainerd High.


Keep up the good work Nation


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dirty Mexicans

So, many a time, I have succumbed to the thought, "why don't I skip the hassle and apply to just the U, I'll probably end up going there anyway, right?"
Now has been another one of those times. After nearly completing the easy-as-pie U application, I began working on the common app which I can use for all the other schools I'm applying to. And it's just so much more than the U asked me to put out. (yes, put out, as in, like a ho) You (sorry, ONE) would think that with a name like the common app, it would be you know, common and pretty simple (what's this writing sample crap?). And I have to do supplements to it too!?!?!

I quit.

Keep up the good work Mustaches.


Monday, October 08, 2007

delaying the inevitable

so today while making mountain dew popsicles i opened up my freezer and noticed that there was a bag of totino's pizza rolls inside. i completely forgot that i put those in there. needless to say, i checked the expiration date and they expired on october 4, 2007. dang.

upon realizing this tragedy i began to panic...because i had no idea what else in my room may have expired! i frantically looked at all of the food in my dorm and feared that perhaps most of it had long passed the recommended shelf life. i was really worried about my can of turkey spam, but this sense of fear quickly turned into relief as i read the expiration date:

"june 27............2010"

that is all from this mustache...i have to go buy some new milk. take care world...mustache out!

Score One for Liquor and Poor Judgement

For all of you who don't know, last week was homecoming. Yep.
Friday's pep fest was the peppiest fest I've ever pepped at one of Brainerd High's fests. John Ward was in attendance. He started speaking and was all like "Homecoming is about getting crazy, but now that I'm a representative down at the state, I can't do any of that any more." And then he walked away. After a short while, he turned back and was all like, "just kidding!" Then he ripped off his coat, tie and shirt and put on some stars and stripes shorts and a pimpin hat, and started dancing around and leading cheers. It was awesome. Then there was the downside of the pep fest. Some people from the band, which I will no longer be associated with second semester, decided to begin a chant. It goes as follows:
"BAND IS HARDCORE! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) (repeat)"
I sat down against the wall, buried my head in my hands and began thinking "I'M EMBARRASSED! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) (repeat)"
Saturday, was long, to say the least. I got up at about 6, went to Alex, ran a 5k, went to the game at Brainerd, which we won (56-6), went home, ate, and went to the dance. It started out slow, but eventually got hot, both literally and figuratively. With all of the bumping and grinding and doing the worm, and the extreme heat, pretty much everyone was sweating through their clothes.

I slept much of sunday afternoon.
why am I so tired all the time lately?
I can't wait to be done with cross-country.

Another show very much worth watching: Big Bang Theory. It's humor is like pi, endless and irrational. It's a far shot from the ordinary, but is among the extraordinary.

And here it is, your quote of the day:
in the locker room
Trevor: "I kinda feel like watching a Harry Potter movie."
Paul (really excited): "Really!? Wanna come over and watch one!? I own them all. We can have a sleepover."



Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Adventures Of The World's Tallest Puppy

I went on a super wholesome apple picking adventure today. $5 in gas and $5 for apples was more than worth a day's worth of apple picking, apple eating, apple tree climbing, and apple throwing.

My main reason for this post is not to fill you in with the captivating details of my Saturday, but to display an image of the finest apple I picked today. I included a tennis ball to try to give a sense of scale. It's kind of hard to appreciate unless you're holding it in your hand.

It's a Northern Spy. I think I'll name it Newton.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

The ultimate shame

Tuesday, October 2, 2007: In a startling blog entry that took the entire blogosphere by a storm, Maxwell Kuehn announced that he is ridding himself of the benevolent Wii to embrace the "big clunky monstrosity" called XBOX 360.

Thursday October 4, 2007: Yahoo! News, the 24/7 news service courtesy of Yahoo! reports on a prominently placed "Feature" box on its website that the "Wii does the body good."This pioneering report elaborates that games like Tennis are proving instrumental "to help the injured and infirm get their grooves back while increasing flexibility and strength."

Also Thursday October 4, 2007: the Onion (byline: America's finest news source) reports that "New heart device allows Cheney to experience love."

I don't know about this Maxwell.Surely you have heard that "haste makes waste"?


What We Are Doing Is Representing


The RIAA has filed some 26,000 lawsuits against file-sharing individuals since 2003, usually settling out of court for $3000. Tuesday, a woman named Jammie Thomas, 30, became the first person to take the RIAA to court. Her hometown?

Brainerd, Minnesota.

Ms. Thomas

Mr. Bunyan

Awwwwww yeeeeaaaahhhh.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Journal Of A Plague Year

I am sick. My throat has swollen shut. My eyes water with compassionate tears.

Most people would blame the steamy cauldron of new germs that is a dorm, or the fact that I've been averaging about 6.5 hours of sleep per night, but not me. I recognize this sickness for what it is: divine judgment. I have sinned, and this is my punishment.

What was my sin, you ask? Gluttony? Lechery? Idolatry? Well, yes to all of the above, but God could overlook all of those. He could not look past, could not forgive my lack of the Nintendo Wii.

I thought my relationship with my Wii was perfect and pure. We frolicked together in the fields and watched sunsets on the beach. I loved it as it loved me, and no other electronic device could get between us. Until he came along.

Prompted by an evil suggestion from that damned Jordan Stich, I am now seriously considering selling my Wii and games and using the proceeds to purchase an Xbox 360 and Halo 3.

This makes me a bad person. I am contemplating selling my sleek, cool, fun-loving underdog of a Japanese futuristic fun-box for a big clunky monstrosity, manufactured by an evil corporation which will probably use the proceeds from my purchase to oppress some Africans or exploit some orphans or something, all for the sake of a single game.

Yes, I have sinned, and here I invite the whole world to know it, that my shame and punishment might be complete. I have thought the thing, and so am just as damned as if I'd done it already.

I can already picture my break-up speech: Wii baby, it's not you, it's me. You're just too futuristic and revolutionary for me. I'm a simple man with simple alien-killing needs, and you deserve better.

I rightly hate myself for saying this: does anybody wanna buy a Wii, two controllers and nunchucks, wii sports, call of duty 3, twilight princess, and elebits for $350?



Today, I showed up for the college fair at 10:17 and left at 10:22. Yep. It's like A1 Steak Sauce... that important.
Then, I played some relatively intense ultimate frisbee over at Gregory Park.

Today's Word of the Day, brought to you by Merriam Webster is
morganatic \mor-guh-NAT-ik\ adjective
: of, relating to, or being a marriage between a member of a royal or noble family and a person of inferior rank in which the rank of the inferior partner remains unchanged and the children of the marriage do not succeed to the titles, fiefs, or entailed property of the parent of higher rank

I think words like this are pretty pointless. Nobody uses them and I think it would probably be easier just to say of, relating or being a marrriage between a member of a royal......

But I digress. Let's back the train up for a sec. This homecoming week sucks as far as dressup days go. Let's take a look:
Mon: 80s day. --How 'bout some originality?
Tues: Black and White Day-- No it's not movement towards racial equality. This will probably be the second-most-participated-in day. I wore black dress pants a white dress shirt and a bitchin' white shoe/black shoe combo. Yeah.
Wed: Celebrity Day-- Or as the announcements would call it "Famous Person Day." Doesn't that just sound wrong in some way? Anyway, probably 0 participation.
Thurs: Disney Day-- Um... ok
Fri: Warrior Spirit Day-- No surprises here. Generally a good idea.

And that brings me to my latest discovery. For those of you who haven't been watching Dancing With the Stars, I suggest, start NOW. Thanks to girls with great bodies dancing provocatively wearing barely-there costumes, I have developed a deep appreciation for ballroom dancing.

I promised an update so here it is. I think our new mascott (pending school board approval) is going to be a Roman warrior.

Here it is, your Quote of the Day:
"Oh yes!" followed by Ryan Fellman moving intentionally into the path of a frisbee... and getting his cojones pwned. I geuss homecoming buttons don't make good nut cups.



Who the hell is bundy?

Hey everybody...just figured I'd post something on the mustache blog since I haven't for a good 5+ months. I don't really have anything interesting to post, but how is everyone doing? and a catfish, if you like:

And what would two guys with a catfish be without Miss Catfish 2007?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Living in the Moment

Earlier this evening I did what Mr. Devine would call "be[ing] high school". That is, I went to coronation. More like KoreAnn-ation.
The world's favorite little Asian, KoreAnn Martin, (isn't that kinda redundant "little Asian") played 2 songs solo and piano accompaniment for Mr. Turner Johnson. She was pretty much an all-star and recieved a standing ovation. My favorite part of her performance was the line in her first song (which she wrote in 8 minutes last night) "intense like... like camping".
Anyway, the honorable Mrs. Rusk continually pointed out how nervous the royalty was. I'm pretty sure they didn't really give a shit. So after the introductions of the candidates and some cute pictures King Turner and Queen Jess(ica Bye) were crowned. Wooo! For the most part the guys were studly and the girls pretty and it was all such a classic and heart-warming event... with no real significance.

Item two on the agenda: I have actually started to feel better. I can breath through my nose again. Also, I got new running shoes which were long overdue. And they feel good to run in... which would be the expected outcome of getting new shoes.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in. Why? Because of the annual CLC college fair. As there is only going to be one school there worth applying to (for me anyway) I will show up at the last minute, sign in, blah de blah. and it'll be good. Speaking of colleges. I think I'm going to apply to Stanford, the U of M, Northwestern, Wash. U, and either Yale or Brown.

I have a story. I'm fairly positive (or am I normative?) that Econ is the must entertaining hour of the day. We never do anything of merit and it's just loaded with good times.... kinda. Well not really but there are always quotable moments thanks to the venerable Brita Springstead. Today she went on to tell the entire class of her experiences with pee, more than likely with mr. Halverson listening. There was one about her trying to pee in a bottle on a bus and basically missing... all over, and on a sandwhich bag which she proceeded to eat out of. Also, she spoke of the time she drank a big gulp of piss at a party. You know, one would think that the moment it touched your tongue you would spit it out, realizing it isn't Apple juice (beer). But no, she had to ask "Why does this taste warm and salty?"
Which, Mustache Nation, is your Quote of the Day.