Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am a Man-Wolf

Today during dinner in in the cafeteria I witnessed what was probably the most hilarious conversation I've ever heard. Two tables down from me there was a pair of strange, Dungeons and Dragons type kids. Typically, any conversation they have is quite amusing, a couple of days ago they were discussing wizards, but today it was extra entertaining. For 20 minutes, from the time I sat down until I left, they talked about werewolves.

I learned a great deal about werewolves during their conversation, for example:
  • "300 pounds is nothing for a werewolf, he could pick up this table and throw it, like, 500 feet."
  • "Werewolves can't just breathe fire, they need a special wolf potion"
  • "If a women was like 5'4", as a werewolf she would be like 9 feet tall."

That's all the of quotes I remember, I really wish I had brought a notebook and pencil with me to write down more, especially when they started to talk about what a werewolf would do if he played football.

And now a dog related youtube clip WAY cooler than Max's pugly puppy clip.


Friday, September 28, 2007

finding a gold mine.

i stumbled upon one of the more intellectual conversations i have ever seen on blogger.

i think you could label them as two of the greatest philosophical minds to come from brainerd: jennifer dens and jason houle.

the title of the post was as follows:

"here's a thought:"

the post said:

"You can't sell a man a toothbrush if you punch out all of his teeth."

and now for 7 wonderful comments.

jennifer, 4/07/2007 10:56 PM: "but you could sell him some dentures."

houley, 4/08/2007 8:49 PM: "i wouldn't buy dentures from a man who punched out all my teeth."

jennifer, 4/12/2007 12:34 AM: "what if there was a denture monopoly? what if you sold them at really low prices? what if you punched them out accidentally because you were really going for the pinata but got his face instead?"

jennifer, 4/12/2007 12:38 AM: "wait I have more...what if he were blind and couldnt tell who knocked his teeth out? what if he were like a shark and had teeth that always grew back? what if he had the most terrible toothache in the world and you were somewhere super remote and he wanted you to take that tooth out so it wouldnt be a toothache anymore but you didnt have any tools so you just had to punch him?"

jennifer, 4/12/2007 12:38 AM: "then i guess you wouldnt have dentures either..."

houley, 4/14/2007 2:55 AM: "1) if my teeth were punched out by a denture monopolist, i would plead my case before a jury of my peers and, if that failed, publish my story either as a critically acclaimed novel with movie rights a la Erin Brokovich or else in a highly dubious left-wing pamphlet, whichever i could get, at any rate living my life in protest to the unnatural perversion of the free market system.

2) if my teeth were punched out by a denture retailer who undercut all the competitors, i'd still go to the competitors. i mean, this is like asking what i'd do if Wal-Mart came in to my house and stole all my moist towelettes. would i go back to Wal-Mart just because they sell moist towelettes for 5 cents cheaper than at Target? no, because it's the principle of the thing.

3) i suppose if i lived in a small mexican village y the local denture retailer came to my hacienda with the intention of breaking open a cumpleaƱos piƱata but instead managed to smash my face in by casualidad, i would forgive him and allow him to service my dental injuries, but he'd of course pay for them. that's just how small-town folks work, and i certainly couldn't hold a grudge against him if he were really contrite about it and offered me free dentures to make up for it, because that would just be baaaaad sangre.

4) if i were blind and couldn't tell who had knocked out my teeth, i'd certainly ask someone's advice on the matter. i mean, i'd have to get help to find someone who could give me dentures in the first place, and if i said, 'hey, let's go to this guy,' my pal would be like, 'dude, no way, he's the type of denture retailer who would smash people's teeth just to get good business. let's go to this other guy instead because i went to high school with him and we used to be on the chess team.'

5) if i were like a shark and had teeth that always grew back, why would i ever consider buying dentures from anyone?

6) as you said, the guy wouldn't have dentures. but i mean, once we got back to civilization, i'd probably buy dentures from him, if he's a good enough bud to punch my teeth out when i ask him to. of course, he'd have to be really clumsy to punch out all my teeth while just trying to punch out one of them, unless it were the case that i was like, 'hey, this molar hurts like the Dickens, punch it out for me eh?' and he were like, 'wait, there's an oasis over there,' and i said, 'no you ignorant slut, that's a mirage. it's caused by a warping of the air by heat. punch out my molar' and then because i called him an ignorant slut he got mad at me and didn't stop with the one molar but went on to the rest of my molars, and my canines and bicuspeds and incisors as well, in this case i would probably suspect he had alterior motives in his tooth-punching than alleviating my discomfort, and i'd probably not trust him on further dental issues."

houley, 4/14/2007 2:55 AM: "so i guess i should qualify that in only certain rare circumstances would i buy dentures from a man who punched out all my teeth."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

it's like a maiden voyage.

in roughly one hour i will take my first test of my collegiate life. our professor e-mailed us the instructions online:

1.) arrive at willey hall.
2.) upon arrival, undo belt.
3.) pull down pants.
4.) bend over.

but after that, there aren't any more instructions. i'm pretty sure i learned what comes next during my college of liberal arts orientation last summer. (really, what topic didn't we go over)

i've taken all of the pre-tests and done fairly well, but i feel as though i'm nowhere near prepared as i should be. while most of the stuff covered in chapters 1-4 were supposed to be "review," i don't recollect doing much of it in high school.

we'll see how it goes. wish me luck. for the next hour i think i'm going to take in some final-minute-crunch-time-studying.

mustache out!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Doing Drugs Is A-Okay

And now for a steaming pile of information about Max Kuehn's Northwestern experience thus far.

1. Class schedule

Humanities 210: The Good Society
This is my double-wide freshman seminar. We'll be reading a bunch of classic books and talking and writing (and writing and writing) about what constitutes a good society. It should be basically the ultimate liberal arts experience, so I'll see how I like that. My professor is a pretty cool guy, and I'm looking forward to arguing some suckas into submission in discussion.

German 221: Intro to German Literature, 1945-Present
Probably the class I'm most excited about. We're gonna read and discuss a bunch of post WWII short stories, all auf Deutsch. While my German is a little rusty after three months of non-usage, I think I'll do alright. I already read one story (Nachts schlafen die Ratten) in AP last year. This will be the first course I attend tomorrow, at 11 a.m. .

Astronomy 120: Highlights of Astronomy
I was going to take calculus, then statistics, then maybe economics, then maybe psychology, but shit got wild and I decided that my other two courses would be challenging enough without piling on another layer of math and/or essays. I've always had an interest in astronomy and this is supposed to be a great introduction to the subject.

Courses for the future, maybe:
The Bible as Literature
Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus
Intro to Psych
German Culture Through Film
Some sort of econ (I'll have to go get advised on that at some point)
Japanese History
A big pile of art history courses

2. I want to study abroad as well. Northwestern has a few programs for Germany, which is where I'd like to go. At the information session the guy talked about the opportunity for doing a research project while abroad, and I started to think about Germany and religion and art and wondering if I could somehow tie them together into a sweet independent research project. It's very exciting to think about, but I know I'll have to work hard to come up with a proposal good enough to get approval. I'll keep you posted.

3. I am on track to gain a lot of weight. It's going to be a chore to stay in shape when I've got so much terribly non-nutritious food at my fingertips and a gym made difficult, nay, nigh on impossible to reach by the vagaries of geography and time management. I made it out to the Sports Pavilion and Aquatic Center (or SPAC [rhymes with quack] to nearly everyone on campus--it irritates me when people pronounce acronyms phonetically, and Northwesterners do it every third motherfucking sentence) once over the course of the week, despite 3 or more planned trips. What's more, my 25 minute workout left me quite sore the next day, and feeling rather sick the day after that; that is, today. On the plus side, I walk everywhere, and I don't really know my way around campus yet so I'm highly inefficient and take lots of extra steps.

4. Now, I try to be a positive person, and I have met some very interesting people and started what should be a few solid friendships, but while friends are great, it's also vital to have some enemies. With that in mind: there is one kid in my freshman seminar group who has really started to piss me off. He goes by Tommy. He is a conspicuously well-groomed Caucasian male with bleach blond hair who talks about all the parties he attends and calls unpleasant things "gay." He owns a seemingly limitless supply of khaki shorts, sandals, and, worst of all, novelty T-shirts. One says "Better An Awkward Morning Than A Boring Night." Another, "HORN IF YOU'RE HORNY." A third (actually a trucker hat, now that I think about it) is emblazoned with the noble motto, "I LIE TO GIRLS."

The mere fact of this apparel's existence is pretty infuriating to me, but the worst part of it is that every day, someone in the groups compliments him on his attire. Apparently, people want to be like Tommy.

Now here's my problem with this otherwise excellent MacBook: on the creaky old PC back home, I would have been able to make a whole series of entertaining and informative images on reliable old Paint, while on this gleaming marvel of modern technology, I am unable to create so much as a line segment. Does anybody know if my Mac has some standard imaging program? I'll just have to describe the images for now and rely upon your IMAGINATIONS.

It's a line of t-shirts and hats with irreverent mottoes on them, including such gems as:


Future Date Rapist

Horrible Person

I already owned Tommy (and his unbearable bro, Victor) at our mandatory "dialogue on diversity" breakout session today, and I'm looking forward to running a train on him four days a week.

I'd love to keep ripping on all the horrible people in the world, but I have to ATTEND COLLEGE CLASSES IN THE MORNING, and, thanks to my foolish decision to actually work out, I'm sick. Here, I'll try to end it on a positive note.

Louis the pug stud's owners took some video of the puppies playing the day before they started leaving. The camera work leaves something to be desired, but PUPPIES.

P.S.: There's a restaurant a half block from my dorm, open until midnight (2 a.m. on weekends), which offers one egg, potatoes, and toast for $2.99. I plan to patronize it on a disturbingly regular basis.


Your Mom and I Sold Your Soul to the Devil

I'm trying to avoid writing a letter to the editor for Lang.
Flashback to Friday.... Oh what a day! For those of you who don't know, I visited the U of M on Friday. I was quite impressed with the U for the most part, except for how much money they've given me. I'd be quite displeased if I didn't get a lot more once I actually apply. After a fruitfull visit I proceeded up to Muslim Magic's dorm room, where we waited for two fine young ladies before departing to Middlebrook, which is where we met up with Mick and several other Brainerd folk/new friends. (man that was a runon sentence) From there we went down to a nice little bar. Being an 18+ party presented an issue. Young Kubas came up with the great idea that they pay with their student ID's while I 'forget' mine. So we get to the door, and Ahmed pays. The suspense builds. Two more pay. It's my turn.
I hand the lady a $20
guy: "Do you have your student ID?"
me: "Oh shit, I forgot it."
guy: "Do you have another form of ID?"
me: "No, not with me."
guy: "Where do you go to school?"
me. "...."
guy: "Quick now."
me: "Uh, St. Cloud State."
guy: "Good enough for me."
The lady makes change and marks my hand. Let's listen to some ska.
So after some 'we're your #x fans' and a 'will you dedicate a song to me?" the music began. The first band was pretty awesome, and the really good trombone player gave a shot out to his number 1 fan in the yellow (Kubas). At about the middle of the second act my enthusiasm died, and I began to take in my surroundings. For one thing the emo kid:happy kid ratio was way too high. Also, throughout the duration of the show, there was an emo couple that couldn't have been older than 15 involved with heavy foreplay that generally grossed out myself and those around me. And what would a liberal-saturated concert be without a gay couple holding each other close/making out literally an inch behind young Shannon Kummet. From there the night wound down with some Arby's and King of the Hill. Oh yeah, and I proceeded to feel sicker and sicker, my nose running like a faucet.
Saturday: Depart the U at 8, proceed to sleep all afternoon and lounge about all night.

So, basically, I think I'll not be wanting to go to school tomorrow, and I may use some of my freetime to look up symbols to apply to my tattoo design. For those naysayers who are sure to arise, Mr. Kubas is not why I want a tattoo. I have wanted to get a tat for a few years now. My good friend just gave me the inspiration to seriously consider actually going through with it in about maybe a year... or so.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

for bockmed

this was as good as we could get it. (not the best lighting. awkward camera angle. insane flash. you get the drift.)

Friday, September 21, 2007


it looks as though the mustache blog is (temporarily) back up-and-running.

in roughly two hours i will be reunited with my long lost arby's companion and buddy. this = excitement.

for those of you outside of the twin cities, you might not be familiar with the hub. it's basically an illegal person-to-person file sharing network...but i don't think it's possible to get caught/in trouble. in other words...most everyone has the hub at the U.

it took quite awhile for freshmen to be put into the system...and only two days ago i finally found my light at the end of the tunnel: i was IN.

since that time frame....less than 48 hours later....i have already downloaded 656 songs. and those are just the audio files.

i have a number of simpsons episodes...nearly all of prison break...i just can't get enough. it's my new crack.

so now that my neck is itching and you are (mostly) caught up with my life, i must go find more music to enjoy.

mustache out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I have the proud distinction...

While Maxwell Kuehn is busy recounting his novel (and I am sure quite enchanting) experiences with ill-located dorms, and while Justin Bock is so efficiently (and if I may add, so eagerly) handling the "High School Department", I feel compelled to write something about entertainment.

Yes, it may sound stale, but while all of you folks were talking about college, another stellar phenomenon came and went away virtually unnoticed.Were it not for my prodigious observational skills, this venerable blog would be left without the potential benefits of discussing this magnificent phenomenon.

I am, of course, talking about the third and final installment in the ambitious Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum.

A frantic Bourne on one of his routine globe-trotting operations

Never mind that there were only three people besides me in the theater when I went for the movie today.Never mind that the movie is not an ounce (or perhaps I should say a gram?) closer to the book from which it was supposed to be derived from.Never mind that the great Jason Bourne suffers not so much as a scratch even as his stolen Police cruiser is smashed to pulp.It's all guns n glory.It's action, nonstop.

And it's not only the action.Even in the midst of chasing hired gunmen in packed streets of Morocco, Russia, Spain and New York, Jason Bourne has enough time on his hands to be a hardcore wisecrack.

Sample this phone conversation between Bourne and the CIA Deputy Director, his arch nemesis:

Nemesis:Let's meet somewhere [Or something mundane of that sort]

Bourne:[In a steely tone] Where are you right now?

Nemesis:[Quite smugly]In my office

Bourne:[Jeering]I doubt it

Nemesis:Why would you doubt it?

Bourne:Because if you were, we would be having this conversation face-to-face...

[Proceeds to replace a telephone on Nemesis' desk with a grim smile]
[Meanwhile, Nemesis says something mundane like "Abort.Get back to the office.He is in my office."]

It's official.Bourne is the new Bond.


Fall Breaks And Back To Winter

After a week of backpacking through Pennsylvania (more on that later), I have arrived at Northwestern University. I'm only freaking out a little bit. Good for me.

My roomate Tay and I ended up on the fourth floor in a corner room in Allison Hall, the best dorm on campus. We've got mixed reports on the room so far: it's isolated, but kind of private; we're right at the vertex of the guys' and girls' wings, but we're also right next to the RA; and we're close to the stairs and bathroom, which means both convenience and potential annoyance. I'm doing my best to combat the tendency to skip right over our room by playing loud music on my $50 Insignia speakers. The strategy has been surprisingly successful so far.

I've met a lot of unbearable frat types, a couple of hilarious stoners, some very pretty Asian girls, and more awkward, nerdy motherfuckers than you can shake a stick at.

I'm glad to see the blog is still up and running. Welcome, Mr. Bock. I would like to see some updates from Messrs Hukriede, Patel, and Bundy, however.

I need to go learn about choices involving alcohol. I promise I'll drop some photos of Pennsylvania later.

p.s.: Top major contenders as of right now, in no particular order:
Art History


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rice Crispy bars are delicious

Today, while killing time during my open hour, I stumbled across the funniest thing ever. Seriously, click on it, you might think it's a joke.
And it's time to segway into other news. See, that's nice because I spelled Segway, which isn't how you spell segue. The reason I chose to do so is because we had to do research on the company that makes Segway for economics.... Which was fruitless, and lacking a real point. In other economic news: I took probably the funniest test ever today------
For one thing, the person from first hour who had my copy of the test had marked on it... with question marks next to 75% of the questions,
13. The concept of the "invisible hand" suggests:

B) Adam Smith was an opium addict.

8.According to the above information:
C)Texas will exchange lettuce with Michigan for garbage.

If I were an opium-addicted 'father' of economics, I would come up with a concept related to gravy. As demand for gravy decreases, the top of the boat becomes stagnant and comes out rather chunky, as opposed to as a smooth liquid, thus decreasing the price of said gravy, and the excess supplies become less profitable. If the gravy company is unable to profitably sell the surplus of gravy, the gravy company goes out of business, that is, into the garbage.
See, I'm an economics stud.

Speaking of studs... What has two thumbs and is more jacked than half of the football players on the field?

This Guy.

If I could grow up to be half the man Ed Hochuli is, I would be....
really jacked.

Quote of the day: (in two parts)
first, a little background information. Somehow, Brita Springstead gets A's in nearly everything. I say somehow, because (and those who know her can back me up) she is perhaps the spaciest person you will ever meet. Spacy, as in, there is nothing between her ears... except space.
Earlier that day-Brita-"You're meaner than Osama Bin Laden."

after several more Bin Laden comments:

Brita-"I don't know, I geuss I've just been thinking about Osama a lot today."
Me-"Were you touching yourself?"
others-(cacophonous laughter)

Friday I shall reunite with my muslim brother in Minneapolis, and it shall be glorious.



Saturday, September 15, 2007

But for him it's a walkspace

I am a weak-willed individual. I was just reading the "The Beginning of the End" comment thread. I gave up somewhere around 550.
On another note, yesterday, I recieved literature from 6 different colleges/universities. I think that's a Bockmed single-day record. It's kind of annoying though. Half of it goes straight into the recycling. Among the universities that have sent me stuff (unsolicited), are: All of the Ivy Leaguers, and MIT. It's flattering, but really, I don't think I'll apply to any of them. Doing the applications just seems like more work than it's worth, they want all kinds of SAT II's, (F that, I'm done with tests), application fees, + if I do get in, do I want to go that far away just to go to school at an expensive institution with a bunch of tools? So, after that ramble, Mustache Nation, I'm calling to you for a favor... Where should I apply? I'm thinkin' something along the lines of the U of M, Wash U, and Northwestern. But, I feel like I should maybe add another one or two to that list. Ideas? (Yes Kubas, I've thought about UVA)


Some say it's a crawlspace

Recently, I was raped by Ap Bio. Let's look back at the series of events leading up to said abuse.
First day of school- learn that the objectives and vocab of the first three chapters are due fri. the 14th
flash forward to thursday night-get back from cross-country meet at 8:30, proceed to work on Bio that I put off until that night for the next 3 hours.
Friday morning-get hosed on the quiz

In other news:
1)Hewitt still isn't an asshole
2)Thursday's meet went well. Although it was cold I ran a personal best... by a minute and 18 seconds. Such a drop was made possible by having our first two meets at two of the hilliest courses in the state. By the way, our varsity is dominant. For sure gonna win state.
3)Last night's game was dece. Then fans were great, the play was mediocre, and the band mostly sucked. But nonetheless, our Warriors beat Rocori 24-18.
4)I've heard talk of a committee of students/administrators/werewolves planning to revise our logo (the good ol' flyin' B) and possibly create a mascott. More on that in the future.
5)Cross-country is sadistic. Yesterday was a long-awaited 'Activity Day.' For those of you who are wondering 'activity' is well-know to mean "running in disguise." We were hoping for soccer. Instead, roll the dice 3 times to pick destinations around town to run to. woohoo!
6)Halverson is still figuring out how to teach AP economics. Our class is down from18 to now 9 or 10 students.

Quote of the Day:
Catherine Lepel: "How can you do that?"
Rich Berggren: "Magic. Seven years at Hogwarts mostly...."


p.s. I still don't understand "Labels for this post:"


Friday, September 14, 2007

...lives in kubas' closet.

(to all of the stalkers, pedophiles, rapists, afro-lovers, and overall creepishly-obsessed fans of andrew kubas)

for those of you who don't know, i live in comstock hall. (now you can find me.) and, well, the food here isn't the best.

my neighbor "across the way" (otherwise known as the hall) is named ben. him and i are both freshman and we have a theory: comstock food tears you many ways. upon arriving on campus it seems like i have encountered a pattern: eat, go to class, in the middle of class experience immense stomach ache, after class proceed to lose 7 pounds. (ok, maybe the 7 pounds is a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea)

i would like to point out that there is a differnce among "being regular" and "eating comstock food." being regular implies that i take metamucil or benefiber or just eat my weight in bananas each day. eating comstock food is quite different. it probably takes care of the "freshman fifteen" in and of itself: you eat (for example) a bagel and...presto! a perfectly round, fresh, delicious bagel comes sliding out of your anal orifice. it's as though the digestion process is null and void: who needs it?

while reflecting on what i have written i realize that i may have offended a few readers based upon this "bathroom related" post. i just want to say that pooping is perfectly manly. but eating comstock food just isn't.

reporting live from the third floor...

mustache out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Look mom, I made a protein

What has two thumbs and is new to the blog? This guy.

As the new, and only mustache in BHS, I feel very honored. As such, I will do what I can to keep the outside updated on news from the inside.
First off, on the first day of school, in the meeting of the senior class, we got the (probably) classic, "now you're seniors, it goes fast" responsibility speech. I have to say, Rusk bashed on the class of '07. They showed a lack of leadership and left a rather poor legacy. Those were her words. She did acknowledge some good individuals, however.
New rules: cell phones, i-pods and such are strictly verboten during class time. Teachers must give written passes to allow students to leave the room (Blong). Teachers must take attendence (Blong).
They are really cracking down on the less tasteful cheering of old. Following the first football game of the season, all 4 captains of the cross-country team were called to Selk's office before practice one day and basically told "clean it up or no state." I think they're serious.
The band has moved to the home team bleachers, right next to the student section.
Against Moorhead, I didn't hear any of the classics (Fuck, give me an s-e-x, what's that spell? Score! Score! Score!, buuuullllshhhiittt) A fan favorite however, courtesy of coach Trout (craziest guy you'll ever meet) goes as such: "ooomp. Oomgawa. Gotta have that warrior powa!" Yeah.

An assessment of my classes:
1) AP Bio- Mrs. Harmer is overly organized/on crack-cocaine. Pretty easy so far.
2)open- nobody to share it with
3)AP Calc- It's Blong 'nuff said
4)Band- Berggren is a friggin mango. If he didn't have kids I'd call him flaming gay. He directs frequently with the aid of a wood block or a cow bell. Also, for awards there is a point system 1-299 activity points gets a participation award. 300+ letters. Points are given out for such things as playing at games in the pep band. If I had known about this I would have gone for 0 points, being in band, but not getting the participation award. Unfortunately, playing at friday's game earned me 20 pts already. damn
5)AP Lang- I was really hoping to have this with Devine. In the past (basketball then football) Hewitt has been a total asshole to me. He seems to have had a change of heart in that department and is actually a good teacher and quite witty.
6)AP microeconomics- Mr. Halverson has no idea what he's doing. I bet I 5 the test though.

On a separate note, why is it that woodland creatures are so comforting? In Halverson's room there is one of those old-school agenda boards and on the bottom there is a squirrel in a cape saying that "Planning your day gets you on your way" or something like that. Just a question.

Arby's really misses me. Stephen is called me at my house last night... just to say hi.

p.s. I don't get the 'labels for this post' thing


the neighborhood midget...

the other day i returned to my dorm to find both a lovely note and a nickel attached to my door. (the nickel was for a down-payment to buy a cellular device. thanks, buddy!) i really hope you all can read this "hilarious" message...if not, i'll write it out later.

in other news, the great mr. justin bock recently pointed out a flaw within the mustache network: we have no voice/representation from inside of BHS. light of max just randomly adding tirth to the blog....i feel it necessary to randomly add justin bock to the mustache blog. he has been a loyal and faithful supporter of the team, and will provide an uncanny ability to update the graduated mustache nation on developing situations inside the halls of that old place we used to call "high school."

also, unlike all of us, he'll actually post from time to time.

'tis all for now. mustache out!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Preludes & Nocturnes

As I prepare to drop "off the grid" until Tuesday the 18th of September, I think I oughta drop a word to the mustache faithful first.

Dear Mustache Nation:

I'm sorry. I've been neglecting the old blog as of late, and that's....that's just not fair to you. I think you deserve better.

I've been trying to justify my behavior, saying "Oh, I need to get ready for college" and "Ugh, I work so much I don't have time to blog" and "Mwah, I'd rather play with pug puppies than keep my friends updated on the details of my day to day life." Fuck that noise.

I hereby promise to be a better blogger, posting whenever I have a funny experience or a weird dream or a near-fatal injury or a triumph of wit or just a good pun. I promise to do this thing right, to bring back to the good old days, the glory days, the high hearty halcyon days of yore.

Starting next Wednesday.


Yours sincerely,
Constant K


Friday, September 07, 2007

...and then it happened

last night i came home late. and a cool kid named trent had given me a free pizza.

i've been living in a single dorm in comstock hall....and to say it easily, comstock is the LEAST social hall of all of them. everyone on my floor is either a sophomore or a being a freshman didn't exactly help. it seems as though everytime i get done with class and come back to my dorm, the doors are always closed and everyone is in their own private little world. (not cool when it comes to college) my door is ALWAYS open and free to visit!

like i was saying...last night I got back at about 10:30 and my friend Trent gave me a free pepperoni pizza. So I was like, "alright, this anti-social-ness ends now!!" There was only ONE door open--so I went to that room--and was lke, "do you want some free pizza?" And pretty much INSTANTLY the people came out of the dorms and the masses began huddling around this ancient concept of free pizza. And they were all like, "Oh man, you guys, this floor is so antisocial. Why do we live here?" And we were all uniting our forces thanks to a boy named kubas with a free pizza. Honestly, we had about 10 of us guys in the hallway (which is unheard of in comstock!) and we were just talking and hanging and having a good time.

so today, when i came back from chemistry, most of the doors on my hall were opened and the people were a bit more friendly. i think i smell winds of change.

it's been a long time coming.

hopefully these blogs aren't as antisocial as the first 6 days of comstock.

mustache out!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

too much free tme at college.

why i love the onion.

Monday, September 03, 2007

many the miles.

i am finally moved in. the room is...interesting. i apologize for a lack-of-kubas-posting-the-entire-summer, but...what do you do.

i guess i'll post some pictures of what my room looks like. it's a decent setup. i don't exactly own a digital camera, so i took these pics at an awkward angle with the camera on my computer. enjoy.

my bed area.

my cluttered desk/fridge/microwave area

my relaxation area. (soooo comfortable!)

a closer view of my desk. i have since straightened it.

my technology area. the big space in the middle is where my laptop goes.

my amazingly comfortable office chair.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Driving Drunk Isn't Manly