Friday, March 31, 2006

la fiesta de pan (the bread party)

alright, being that i have no idea if we have tennis tomorrow morning, the bread party (for now) is being scheduled at 2:00 PM.

this is how you get to my house: (for all who have recieved their invitations)

i'm assuming you all know where memorywood drive is. if not, it's the road that jets off of 210 in west baxter. (about 1/2 mile past baxter elementary/by baxter city hall)

anyway, you go down memorywood for about 1 mile, and you'll see (on your left) a sign/road which says "Circle Pines Road." turn left.

my house is the 7th on the right. let the bread feasting begin!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm Sam Walker

I have to alert everyone that I have a new profile pic, even though no one cares. I never write any relevant posts, so now I'm going to be temporarily removed from this blog. HAHAHAHAHA!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Profile of The Week

When I clicked on my interest of Chuck Norris I scrolled down and stumbled upon this man Fredo Teabaggins. He seems like a reasonable man with his passion for "Clam Caves, Swamp Butt, Kickin' Ass and Takin' Names." Just about everyone on the Manly Mustaches could relate to him: He has a dirty mustache like Johnson, big hair like Max and Kubas used to have, he and I have the common interest of gettin' jiggy wit it, and you know Tom Day enjoys plum smuggling.

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Self-Psychoanalysis (The Best Kind of Psychoanalysis)
Doctor: Max Kuehn
Patient: Max Kuehn
Patient's testimony:
So today when I was walking home from tennis, John, Jeff, and Bryce buzzed me in Bryce's (?) big black truck. They kind of caught me by surprise as I was distracted by the old iPod, but I had a fast enough reaction time to give them all the finger. Then, as they drove away, I turned towards them and armed my imaginary rocket launcher.

I aimed carefully, pulled the trigger, and then moved the second crosshairs over their rapidly receding vehicle to lock-on. After a brief pause to let an innocent van go by, I fired my imaginary rocket. As I visualized their car going up in a ball of fire, I thought quietly to myself (in a very dramatic voice) "Triple Kill!"

Diagnosis: Patient has violent, sociopathic tendencies towards jerks in cars and difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy.

Prescription: He needs to play some Halo, seriously.

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i need steroids

These guys are definitely on some performance enhancing substances.

I wish I could point out which Monstar I am, (I'm number 0) but, then again, all the Monstars are #0.

We have to remember to do that when we buy our shirts.

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Sausage Fest?!?!

With the bread party just on the horizon, Josh Johnson has come up with a rival celebration. When first hearing his idea it may sound like possibly the most homosexual thing discussed on this blog since Bundy's "gaybos" and the frightening German mustache site.

The 2006 Chuck Norris Sausage Fest.

Now that you have all jumped to homo-erotic conclusions, I'll briefly explain this terrifying event. The whole thing budded from my original idea to have a Chuck Norris movie festival and show 4 strait Chuck Norris movies to see if anyone could survive. Of course when I mentioned this idea to Johnson he immediately thought of the most disturbing thing possible and got the idea to make it a "sausage fest", The actual event is, not quite, as disturbing as the title implies, according to my sources, there will be 5 strait Norris movies and everyone in attendance will bring some form of summer sausage, salami, or kielbasa, making it a sausage fest.

I'm am not encouraging or discouraging this event, only warning the masses of Josh Johnson's fightening plans. So if you see him in the hall follow these simple steps to safety:

1) Avoid making eye contact. This may encourage him to talk to you an invite you to his festival of sausages

2) If he does approach you, quickly turn the other way and pretend you never saw him.

3) If this still doesn't work, then you'll need to resort to plan B -- Kick him in the shin and run. If you have the chance, tell him to get a job and lay off the porno references.

The bread party will clearly be superior to the sausage fest and I assure you that I have no part in planning or hosting the Sausage festival.

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Yes, it is almost that time. What time you ask?

No, not a time to post another picture of homoerotic fantasies. But rather a time to, you guessed it, have our bread party. The official Annual Manly Mustache Bread Party is almost upon us folks, and in light of such discovories, I would like to cordially thank our friends, the Italian Stallions. There inteligence has created, what is soon to be a national holiday.

So please everyone, on this upcoming Saturday, delve deep into the bread basket and shove your mouths full with succulent bread, because you will have been a part of something monumental.

On behalf of the Manly Mustaches and Italian Stallions, ThankYou!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

bring it

dear blogosphere,

maxwell and myself are now officially having a contest.

tomorrow (hopefully during math) we will measure the current lengths of our hair. the first person to grow one inch wins the "contest."

i think that on behalf of the mustache community, we need to have some kind of betting. say $1 per person. any takers???

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Rock And/Or Roll

First day with the new hair was good, almost entirely positive feedback. I think I lost some of the shock value by posting pics on here, but I'm always ready to sacrifice for the good of the blog.

I'm rocking the Matisyahu right now, and I gotta say, pretty smooth. I first heard about it about two months before he got big from, you guessed it, Sam Walker. Honestly, how does he stay two steps ahead? Must be his sweet Japanese watch-industry hookups. What's next? I'll bet it's Neo-Nazi R&B or nihlist piano-rock; you know, a natural progression from Hassidic Jewish reggae.

Oh man, I want some nihlist piano-rock right now. They're rocking out on pianos like they just don't care, beacuse they don't.

P.S.:I'm not sure if tennis>soccer, but tennis practice>soccer practice for sure.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hells Yes

Oh baby. This almost makes me wish we weren't giving up the Mustache team name. Selling 100 t-shirts in the school with a huge gun on them? They'd probably be banned for real this time. It'd be better if it said "Men With Mustaches Kill People," but this is still nice.
My aunt Sarah alerted me to this bold new design. Thanks for reading!


the new era of american politics

ladies and gentlemen, i couldn't wait one day longer.

for those of you who keep up with our blog, you're very aware that we are having a bread party in the near future. many of us can't wait for this endeavor, as we are sure to consume a large portion of bread and quintuple our daily intake of fiber and carbohydrates.

but, aside from this bread party, we are partaking in yet another epic event that will not only define the future of the blogosphere, but one that will enhance the lives of the mustaches...and the nation as a whole.

i'm proud to announce the formation of the newest political entity: The Bread Party.

Reluctant? Wondering..."what are the political stances of The Bread Party"?

For poverty stricken America: Free Bread!
Is your social security account gone? We'll fill it up with bread.
High priced oil? We're working on extensive programs to turn bread into the newest energy resource.
Scared of the birdflu? We're testing whether or not bread cures strains of influenza.
Morbidly obese? Fat-free bread.
We plan to re-build New Orleans completely out of bread.
Our immigration policy: build 30 feet tall walls of bread around every inch of US border.

A vote for The Bread Party means a vote for bread. And a vote for bread...means a vote for America.


My new Profile Pic

Just posting it here so it's hosted.


great story

first, in order to fully appreciate this story, you need to know that my dad is blind. that means he can't see.

so, my father and my sister (amy) went out to wal-mart the other day for some quality shopping. they got out of the car, were walking into the store, and basically were right next to the doors.

my dad looked at my sister a bit perplexed, and said, " smells like doughnuts."

my sister immediately burst out laughing. even a few minutes later when they were shopping down the aisles she was still laughing. my dad just couldn't take it any more and asked her what was so funny.

she responded, "when you said 'it smells like doughnuts' there was a cop standing right next to the door."

what a great man.



Maxwell and myself will be unavialable Friday, so the date of the bread party has been changed to saturday. that means that sam, unfortunately you'll just have to be on your mystery vacation while we "party-it-up" in breadland. Time: to be determined...i'm guessing mid-afternoonish.



excuse my random title, but i couldn't think of anything other than that; i needed something to grab attention. ANYHOO, when in the jeepers h. mother-humper is this bread party going down? i am getting all ants..y in the pants..y. having missed the barrows trip i've heard and seen so much about, and since i'm probably going to miss the trip to Manly, i am needing SOME excitement. let's get this rolling.

enjoy, ladies and especially gentlemen


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Even more college life. A shelf for the hot sauce collection, and an empty bottle of bombay gin on top of the fridge. Posted by Picasa


Classy, eh? I love the dorm room atmosphere. If you look real closely, you can see Al Franken on the bookshelf. Posted by Picasa


We Don't Want No Drama

Know what my last post was? Drama.
Know what this blog doesn't need? Drama.
I apologize.

On a more important note, yes, I did go through with it. I had planned to do it last night with some friends before a movie, but Cost-Cutters let me down. Open until nine, my ass.

This morning I realized that if I kept waiting to do it "right," I'd never do it at all. So on my way to the cities to drop off my sister for the train, we stopped at, that's right, Cost-Cutters. Because it was on the way and an appointment? An appointment? We don't need no stinkin' appointment! The same woman who turned me away at 8:43 last night fumblingly pointed me towards my "stylist," an emaciated little whisp of a woman who looked as though she'd have a tough time lifting a comb. She gestured limply towards an uncomfortable chair. I sat down and asked if my hair would qualify for Locks of Love. She took out what must have been a ruler comb and told me that no, my hair was a mere 8 inches, two shy of the 10'' minimum. Translation? Cost-Cutters didn't want to pay shipping. Oh well, too bad for the cancer children.

I got very medatative during the actual shaving process. I kept thinking about the shaving scenes in V for Vendetta. My stylist tried to keep things light (and lock up her tip) with clever remarks like "Are you feeling "light-headed?" Heh heh. You're funny. She didn't even rinse me out afterwards, so I had itchy little hairs going down my back all day.

I'll get pictures on here directly.

And to start a new feature:
I think each contributor should take a turn, one person per week, clicking on his interests in his profiles and finding someone who shares one of his interests and has an amazing profile. This is, after all, how we found Sir Alex (or he found us, I guess). Did you know that keuber and sir alex are the only people in all of the blogosphere who have an interest in osama bin laden? It's true.

Okay, I'll start. I share "Sly and the Family Stone" with this guy. Be sure to check out his blog.


holy pooper...MAX!

post pictures.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

There's The Rub (Fayna, read the last part)

Ever since I wrote that post, my hair is killing me. I can't stop thinking about how heavy and hot it is. It gets in my ears, mouth, and eyes and it's really starting to get itchy on my forehead. It's like having a choleric cat wrapped around my skull. I'm dying over here!
But at the same time, I'm reluctant to bite the bullet and take the long drive to the Cut n' Corral (Napoleon Dynamite's barber, STUPID). I feel like there's more I want to do with long hair, but I doubt I ever will. I've had this hair for too long. Kubas, they accepted your hair for locks of love, right? Because mine is definitely as long as yours was. Hell, I can get a solid ponytail together without even trying.

To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Whether tis' nobler in the mind to suffer the extra work of outrageous hair, or to take up an electric razor against a field of hairs, and by moving it back and forth, end them? To be bald, to be free.

Keuber brought up an interesting point earlier today. He mentioned how this entire blog is based around humor. I think that's very true. We're not about maintaining connections with friends at college, or really giving an image of our (boring) lives, debating important issues or trading recipes. We never really declared our purpose, but I think we're fulfilling it well. Whatever it is.

Tennis on Monday. Despite having not played for at least 2-3 years, I signed up for some mysterious reason. Wish me luck!

Check out the "Barrows!....Or Bust?" post for my so far excellent conversation with Fayna. Feel free to join in; I think he's feeling talkative. I hope this post doesn't push it off. We may have to move it up. Hey Fayna, you should reply in the comments to this post.


the wrath of those dirty sophomores

well, for all of our loyal readers/viewers/listeners/smellers/touchers, if you're an avid fan of the blog, you probably remember about 3 weeks ago i announced that i had been contaminated with birdflu. the first suspects were obviously the sophomores, but then i figured that i had contracted the virus from Rupert. (may he rest in peace) he is...after all...a bird.

after three rigorous weeks of near death experiences, i finally had the courage to go to the doctor. unfortunately, (or fortunately) i didn't have birdflu, but lovely bronchitis. so, what did he do? he prescribed Ketek.

alas, this post is about all the ill-effects of ketek. a short lesson. if you see a pill like this:

don't take it.

if you see a box like this:

don't open it.

if you type in "ketek" on google, many of the first sites that come up all regard lawsuits. not good. you feel six times more lightheaded/high than on sudafed, nauseous, extremely thirsty, and it completely..."wipes out your system" if you get my drift.

so, don't take ketek. don't play basketball against sophomores. don't hatch eggs in the band room. don't contract birdflu.

i think this post may have eliminated the barrows revolution. no worries, we have a link if you are missing it!


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dear Fayna and Sir Alex

I might be an idiot. Perhaps I just have a bad memory.

But did you ever explain what exactly IS a bread party?

I am curious and too lazy to look in the archives if you answered that question.


Manly Mustaches...Manly, Iowa!

It was meant to be! We ARE going to Manly, and we're taking a caravan of mustaches with us!

According to Mapquest, from my house our adventure will take 4 hours 38 minutes. Because we'll want to obtain the full "Manly Experience," there have been many suggestions of staying in a hotel. Mason City, Iowa, is just 10 miles south, and I've found a hotel that I've fallen in love with. The Comfort Inn in Mason City is pretty pimp. $63 per night--affordable, especially if we pack 6 people in a hotel. And look at this list of amenities:

Complimentary Breakfast (All Rooms and Rates)
Modem Lines in Room
Hairdryer in Room
Safe Deposit Box
Outdoor Parking
Truck Parking
Coffee Maker in Room
No Smoking Rooms/Facilities
Handicapped Rooms/Facilities
Indoor Pool
TV Remote Control
Free Parking
High Speed Internet
Laundry/Valet Services
Television with Cable
Wireless Internet
Continental Breakfast

Simply amazing!

Not only that, but I've been learning a little more about this town of Manly. 1300 residents...that's about 13 times the size of Barrows. 13 times more excitement to discover!

...And perhaps the best part of all! They have one historic site/museum: The Manly Caboose Museum. HOW PIMP IS THAT? a MANLY caboose museum? that definitely warrants viewing.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Treading On Thin Ice

Just a brief post here; I'd hate to be the one to push the Barrows post into the archives.

Possible Mustache Tour destinations, either for this summer, next summer, or next spring break:
  • Manly, Iowa
  • Milan, Italy

Both have their advantages. Italy has art and culture and stuff, the casa siry crowd, and the people there speak Italian. They have a word for everything. Even the little kids speak it.

Iowa, however, has Wal-Marts with parking lots where, Sam has informed me, we would be allowed, nay, encouraged to camp. And camping in a Wal-Mart parking lot would be the highlight of my existence so far.

I guess we should set a date. I'm busy 4th of July (marching band, anyone?) and the last weekend in June.

I realize the title of this post doesn't fit the content, but I had a mixed metaphor on hand. Oh well, a watched clock never boils!


I certainly hope it isn't too late...

is it too late to enter these into the spring break photo contest? you haven't tabulated the results yet, have you?


The Greatest Song EVER!!!

This song should be up for a couple awards in the upcoming Grammy's.

One for the best song only featuring two words, and the rest incoherent mumbling


One for the best choreography in a music video.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Birth Of A Hipster

I was walking around the high school this morning, cursing its name, when I was suddenly reminded of the best part of BHS: the people.

As I walked by the south doors, I saw a young man whom I had no memory of. I mention this becuase if I'd seen him before, I would have filed him permanently in my memory banks. He was the the most emo individual I've ever laid eyes upon. His hair was lank and artificially dark and it hung down, partially obscuring his view through black-framed, horn-rimmed, lenseless glasses. He wore a black Weezer t-shirt under a forest-green suit coat, lacking only a military insignia and a $2.50 price tag from Goodwill. His jeans were artfully bleached and featured some expensive looking professional rips, counterintuitively placed directly behind the knees (to keep The Man on his toes, apparently). Worn and soiled checkered deck shoes--standard hipster footwear--adorned his oddly small feet.

Even as I marveled at his utter hipness, I was more shocked by the fact that I hadn't noticed him before. I realized that perhaps he had made a self-concious image transformation (see Sam Walker) over Spring Break. But this seemed unlikely; how could any mere mortal create such a complete expression of angst and defiance--with concert t-shirts? No, he must have been created this way. Perhaps some other major hipster exploded and formed a hip-nebula, a massive, gaseous cloud of self-assurance. Gravity and egotism gradually drew the nebula into a smaller, denser, smugger sphere. Eventually the cloud became self-aware and stopped washing its hair.

Thanks for the feedback on the hair. Interesting that right now the most defiant, out-there freak-flag I can fly is trimming my wild n' crazy man-mane into a squared-off butch cut. I'll do Forrest Gump proud.


The Secret Lives We Live

Well, I couldn't help but be fascinated by going to google images. So, I've decided to type in the names of our loyal team members to see just what pops up first...

Andrew Kubas:

Max Kuehn:

Josh Bundy:

Sam Walker:

Tom Day:

Kurt Hukriede: Well, what are the odds you get nothing at all? Pretty good. Lo siento.

Sam's is easily my favorite.


Remedial Geography

For those of you who didn't know, I casually dropped AP Econ earlier this semester in hopes to receive an open hour. Unfortunately, I got placed in (essentially...) a remedial geography class. (The first day of class we received only one question as homework. It was a piece of paper with the country of China and a line pointing to it. The question asked, 'What continent is this?')

But behold! All has gone well...the last few days we have been studying ITALY. So, I have decided to fill in our loyal viewers/readers with useless facts about Italy. Enjoy.

Italy...home to two microstates: Vatican City and San Marino.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Colosseum
The Forum
Rome...the Mecca of Catholicism
Genoa...home to Christopher Colombus
Venice...sheer beauty
Turin (Torino!) The Detroit of Italy
Florence, home to the Renaissance
Poverty-Stricken Naples!
...and the greatest city in the world! Milan! (MILANO!) God bless all you Italians! 4,183,000 residents, the transportation and banking center of Italy...and home to the best dang Italians period.

Thanks to Italy, we have pasta.
It's the birthplace of opera...a true American pastime.

Lo! Let us not forget such famous Italians as Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci...Sir Alex...Fayna! Where would the world be without Italy.

I guess, despite it all, Geography is worth something in my life. Next Mustache Spring Break Tour 2007: MILANO!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Long-Haired Freaky-Lookin' People

As the Manly Mustache era comes to a close, I am contemplating the change of the seasons. Winter melts into spring and a whole new world of possibilities comes into view. With that in mind, I think the time has come to change my hairstyle.

Before you all start rioting in the streets, hear me out. I think the fro kind of became attached to the whole Mustache image. When the Mustaches take their bow (sometime soon, after 3 on 3 I assume), I think it would be a fitting gesture to remove the fro. It'd be a new beginning of sorts. A fresh start for a fresh team!

I've sported the fro ever since my cousin Amelia inspired me to do so in the summer after sixth grade. I let my hair grow beyond it's prior mini-fro boundaries and was pleasantly surprised to find it naturally form, if you don't mind me saying, an excellent afro. It required periodic trimming to maintain its structural integrity, but it was very easy to keep up. And yes, I did have to use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. It quickly became my signature trait, appearance-wise, and helped me break the ice with several new friends sophomore year.

Don't panic, this would be by no means the end of the Kuehn hair legacy. I can always grow it back. In fact, that would make an interesting film, documenting the regrowth of the fro. I wonder how long it would take...

This feels like a defeat in some ways. I've been considering shaving the hair for a fundraiser for a while now, but no one's gotten their stuff together enough to raise the cash. Carmen tried last year, but Key Club was too busy being jerks, apparently. I guess I'll collect funds for the Red Cross or something, Andrew-Kubas style. No real goal or deadline, just a general desire for friendly cash.

Any thoughts on this matter? Length, style, ect? Am I crazy? Anybody want to organize a fundraiser wicked fast? Keep in mind that I may need to cut the hair for my work this summer anyways, and that I'd like to cut it before my sister leaves this Saturday.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Barrows! Or.....Bust?

I'm worried about the Mustache Blog. We seem to be experiencing post-Barrows depression. Perhaps the trip was so amazing that the rest of life just seems dull by comparison. Oh Barrows, I feel so lost without you! I drove through on my way to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul, not Barrows and Fort Ripley) on Thursday, and I became very nostalgic. We'll have to make this an annual trip. For next year, at least. I'm picturing a huge caravan...with camels!

It's not all bad, though. We got 28 comments on the post, and I received many more props (non-electronic) from friends and relatives. Plus, Wangthedogner liked it. Now, if we can just get Hewitt to read the blog...

Dear Italians: What's happening in Italy? Soccer? Bull-fights? Are you guys like in college or what?

Hey, I know what'll jar us out of our Barrows-induced rut! Dozens of Mustache Spring Break photos! Ya'll had better get on that.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Worthy Candidates

During the entire Mustache Spring Break Tour, we took a total of 71 pictures. Some of them were really crappy, others amazing, and some were quality.

Unfortunately, not all of the pictures made the "final cut" for the blog. So we've set up a Flickr account for your viewing pleasure to enjoy the rest of our adventure.

I couldn't upload all of the pictures because you're only allowed so many each month...hopefully this worked.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Barrows Or Bust!

While the rest of the world was busy going to Germany and Florida and other lame places, the Manly Mustaches got their priorities in order and journeyed to a much more original Spring Break vacation spot. We have a feeling that it will become the hot new hangout for the entire Mustache Nation. I'm speaking, of course, about Barrows, Minnesota, that diamond in the rough just off old 371.

10:50 a.m.: We departed Tom Day's Mustache Mansion. We decided to save Mother Earth some trouble and carpool in the Kuehn family van, re-christened today as The Mustachemobile. We packed up all of our worldly belongings and hit the road, uncertain if we would ever see our beloved Brainerd/Baxter area again.

10:52 a.m.: After an arduous journey of almost 12 miles, Sam and Tom succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed in the back seat.

10:55 a.m.: After what seemed like hours of travel time with no sign of civilization, we spotted a small rural outpost that offered us basic supplies like donut holes, root beer, wild rice, and double-barrled shotgun lighters. Fueled up and stretched out, we kept on keeping on.

10:58 a.m.: At long last, we arrived in the promised land. With the Italians' excellent picture for inspiration, we posed and got what was probably the best picture of the day. Everyone else has their work cut out for them on the Spring Break picture contest. Sir Alex and company, this one's for you.

11:20 a.m.: Drove the streets of Barrows. This vibrant city seemed to hum with activity and life. More than once we had to stop, open the door of the van, and capture the pictauresque natural beauty of this peaceful, idyllic, pastoral scene of arcadian revelry. We even caught sight of a few native Barrowinians.

(If you look closely, you can see a bike hanging from the tree)

11:25 a.m.: By following clearly marked signs, we located possibly the only public building in Barrows: Crow Wing Town Hall, or something like that. Our hopes of finding a brochure with information about Barrows were dashed when we found the door locked. We posted a memorial for Rupert, and Muslim Magic got a bit emotional.

11:30 a.m.:Next door was the future site of Township Park. From the looks of the sign, this has been the future home of Township Park for about 4 years now, and will be into the forseeable future. We found a dangerous old playground and got a better shot of the Mustache shirts on display. The combination of good times and sunshine prompted MM to make good on his promise of shorts and a t-shirt in a lawn chair. And the suntan lotion flowed like wine.

11:40 a.m.: As we bid farewell to this rustic center of primitive beauty, we all felt a confusing rush of conflicted emotions. Our first thought was to stay there, to get jobs as farm hands and live out the rest of our days as simple men of the earth. However, a deep feeling of homesickness and a desire to see cars with wheels and houses with actual aluminium siding eventually drew us back home.

This totally makes up for not going anywhere for Spring Break. This just goes to show, the most unspoiled locations are often right in your own backyard. So go on! Explore your world!

Written by Max Kuehn. Edited by Andrew Kubas. Technical crap figured out by Sam Walker. Published for your viewing pleasure by the entire Mustache Franchise and Monstar Organization. Copyright 2006.


Monday, March 13, 2006

I Am Ready

Hey everybody. When I woke up this morning I was nearly the sickest I've ever been in my life. But through sheer wil alone (read: sleeping on my couch for 5 hours) I have mostly recovered, and should be good to go for the Vacation tomorrow.

I'll see ya tomorrow, although I may be slightly later than 10, because, Jesus Christ that's early. Is Amelia coming or what? Whatever, I'll see you guys tomorrow.


executive decision

i'm making this call:

let's meet at tom day's house at 10:00 AM. (tomorrow) we'll just hang out there until kurt comes.

sound good?


Sunday, March 12, 2006

it's the most, wonderful time...of the year

ahh march madness is finally upon us. unfortunately, clemson, virginia, the gophers, and valpo are so horrible that i have no team to root for. this creates a paradox/begs the question: who should kubas cheer for?

i'm going to suggest that all of us place a friendly wager with our predictions.

i know we're probably all joining nick/smolke's pool, but a "mustache sidepot" anyone?

click here for brackets.

on a sidenote: for any loyal viewers/readers who won't be involved with any betting, what are your opinions? final 4? upset specials? god i love march.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Spring Broken

Do we have a definite time coordinate for our departure?

I'm thinking about a 10 a.m. departure would be the best. We'll have time to see all of Barrows before it gets dark. Or, before about 11:30 in all likelyhood. Also, who leaves on a trip to Barrows at 10 a.m.? It's the funniest time. Barrows in the late morning will be the best, in my opinion.

Hey, does Barrows have a restaurant? Oh man, that would be great! If one exists let's go there and get patty melts. Someone check a phonebook.

I think we should bring a some sort of flag to plant and leave at a random spot in Barrows, preferably on the highway. I'd use my PACE flag, Amelia, but I'd rather not lose it, and it's kind of stuck on my wall. I think Italian, American, or Jolly Roger would all work equally well.

Ideal weather: Either hazy and overcast with a light fog, or a blinding snowstorm.

Casa siry: Hey, how about that Enron scandal? Yeah, I think more need to be said about that. By Italians. Damn, how great are these guys?


Friday, March 10, 2006


Maurice doesn't have a mustache, but he's dead sexy and PISSED off - imagine what the little guy's thinking right now...